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Definition of a tax haven

There is not clear an explanation what tax haven means however according to OECD it’s a country doesn’t follow the 4 criteria.


OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has made a list of the most important criteria it considers when determining whether a jurisdiction is a tax haven or not.


These criteria (according to OECD) have been specified as follow:
1. no or nominal tax on the relevant income;
2. lack of effective exchange of information;
3. lack of transparency; and
4. no substantial activities of the taxpayer in that jurisdiction, (2) together referred to as OECD Tax Haven Criteria.)


OECD has formulated following groups where 84 jurisdictions have been assessed:


While List – jurisdictions that the OECD does not consider as tax havens.
Grey List – jurisdictions have partly implemented the OECD International Tax Standard.
Black List – no tax cooperation, there are currently no black list countries.


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What documents are needed for HSBC bank account – Hong Kong

Once you open your company in Hong Kong, you will need to check what kind of documents to get in order to ope bank account with HSBC in Hong Kong.

Documents for bank account opening in HSBC Hong Kong:
– Business Registration Certificate
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
– NC1 form

HSBC (Hong Kong) business bank account opening:
Limited Company established in Hong Kong
Limited Company established Overseas

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Happy “incorporation” Year 2012

With the clock striking 12 o’clock on the 31st December you start expressing you joy and happiness to welcome New Year. Ever since you will have 8760 hours to register company with us. Startupr wishes you good luck  with your newly incorporated company in the year 2012!

Startupr became a member of Manta and Yalwa

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How do you divide the Shared capital

The Best Countries for Starting a Business

Type of share capital: We might say that company share capital refers to the amount of a company’s equity that has been gained by trading stock to a shareholder for cash or another item of capital value. The amount of share capital might be changed anytime the holder want. To issue new shares and sell to the the public or to another business partner in exchange for the cash.


We can divide the share capital as:

  • Authorized Share Capital – or registered capital is the total amount allowed to issue (or Authorized) to its shareholders.
  • Issued Shared Capital – this is the real amount of shares being issued to its shareholders. Issued Shared Capital might be lower than the Authorized Share Capital.
  • Subscribed Capital – is a share capital which has been issued (sold) as shares-whether their purchasers (shareholders) have paid for them or not.
  • Called up Share Capital – this type of share capital needs to be paid.
  • Paid up Share Capital – is the amount of share capital paid by the shareholders.


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Doing business in Hong Kong


Doing business in Hong Kong

A lot of customers who haven’t decided yet ask why to incorporate company in Hong Kong?


There is a few pros why you should register business in HK:


  • Global location of the world’s largest companies – No 1. city with the highest number of international companies present.
  • Ranked among the top 5 global business center
  • Inward investment from Asia’s economies, particularly the rapidly expanding Chinese market.
  • Hong Kong as the opened economy, with limited restrictions on foreign investment, and a low tax environment.
  • Max rates of corporate and personal income tax 16,5% and 15%. There is no tax on sales, capital gains or dividends.
  • The access of four main markets: China, Singapore, Malaysia and India.
  • Highly skilled and very international labour pool in HK
  • One of the most efficient banking system


Startup Weekend in Tunis

Startup Weekend in Tunis

We are happy to announce Startupr has become a sponsor of the Startup Weekend in Tunis.

About Startup Weekend Tunis (by organizers).

Startup Weekend brings together a highly motivated group of individuals including developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus and graphic artists to attend a 54-hour event that builds communities, companies and projects. Read more.

Startupr is proud to support Startup events/weekends.

Looking for Funds as a Startupr vs. IPO – Warsaw

Looking for Funds as a Startupr vs. IPO - Warsaw

Hello to all of you! Do you need to raise funds for your startup? Here might be your answer in regards to one of the way how get money for your further development. Probably you have heard what IPO ( Initial Public Offering) – the first sale of stock by a private company to the public. Sounds difficult? It’s not. IPO in Warsaw through NewConnect – Stock Exchange in in the start-up phase!  It should be one of the easiest way how to get public money through the public offering.


What about Startupr and IPO in Warsaw?


We have learned that the whole process of administration is quite difficult and costly. We are now in the phase to gather the team of companies – advisers who will ask for reasonable price!


The target are startups as the the NewConnect advertises however there is plenty of companies charging high fees for that listing! This might be one of the biggest obstacle to get listed.


We are new in this area however we will work hard to give you platform to guide you through this exciting fund raising!


If you have any comments or suggestions please contact me: tomas[at]


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Our first GIG video – Incorporate online Hong Kong company

Startupr is an incorporation service which gives you a possibility to start your business anywhere on the world. We offer you over 20 jurisdiction + whole USA (50 states) if you are about to start business with low cost strategy we offer you a company formation, your address and all amdministration support you need to run your business remotely. There is a few jurisdiction where we can open up a company into 10 minutes upon receiving your payment. Company formation in Hong Kong is one of the example!