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HK private limited company to sell mobile iPhone apps

One of our customers request on setting up company in Hong Kong.



I plan to set up a HK private limited company to sell mobile iPhone apps through Apple’s App Store. I have a few questions, and would be grateful for your guidance:

1) Since my apps will be sold globally over the Internet, will I only need to file taxes in HK or also in other countries where buyers download my apps?
no, you will only need to file taxes in HK, as far as the apps store will register you brand/company name under the HK jurisdiction!

2) Will my company only be liable to paying HK corporate tax on income sourced from HK, or also on overseas sales? For example, if sales are US$100K, GBP100K and HK$100K in US, UK and HK, then will I only pay tax on HK$100K, and incomes earned in US/UK won’t be taxed either in HK, or in US/UK?

you will be liable to pay taxes for global business, you will report this after 18 months to IRD (we will help you on this – tax and auditing) simply, keep your received/issued invoices
3) If I select one of your packages for company incorporation, I understand that I can obtain the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate, and also appoint company secretary, directors, accountant, auditor etc.
that’s correct, however HK Company ordinance doesn’t require to have appointed another director, you can be the only director/shareholder

without physically coming to HK. However, for opening a bank account for the company, I will need to visit HK. Is this correct?

once the company is set up and HK company documents issued ( NC1 – shares certificate, biz certificate, inc certificate, M&A) we will advise you when to come for bank account opening. We will set up a meeting with our HSBC relationship managers and they will help you to set up the bank account.



Banking industry and possible changies? Cyprus !

It’s really interesting to observe how the world keeps changing in many ways. In our corporation & banking sector the changes have been tremendous! One of our bank we work with, they send us an alert about some changes in Cyprus banking industry. Be aware that this might be an opinion of competition however the changes are there!

Hi Tomas,

I wanted to give you a quick update on what are seeing out of the major Cyprus banks.  Despite news updates to the contrary, wires of up to $50,000 per day are leaving the country.  If you still have clients in Cyprus who are looking to exit, this would be an excellent time to inform them of this window of opportunity as we don’t believe many investors are aware of this fact.  If you have no clients or exposure there there, hopefully this email was still informative.
Please let me know if you have any questions about this information.
Best Regards,
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