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Hong Kong Profits Tax Return

How you should prepare for the Profit Tax Return for Hong Kong Limited Company.

Normally, HK Tax Authority (“IRD”) will issue a Profits Tax Return (“PTR”) to your company after 18 months from the company’s incorporation date and you are required to file it to IRD within 3 months from the date of issue of the PTR no matter your company is dormant during the said period, i.e. 2nd December 2011 (date of incorporation) to 31st December 2012.


Generally, IRD would demand penalty of HK$1,200 for any company that first time late submission.


In this stage, as 18 months have passed since incorporation of the company, please prepare the following basis information should be provided for our audit purposes:


–          All sales invoices

–          All purchases invoices

–          All expense receipts

–          All bank statements

–          All signed agreements (including tenancy agreements, services agreements, etc.)

–          General ledger and management account (i.e. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement). If this one you cannot provided, we can provide bookkeeping service to handle it.


Please firstly to provide the management account and advise the volume of transactions incurred by the company during the said period, we will provide our quote of services fee to you.

IF you want to register company in Hong Kong, please let us know, we will be happy to assist you!