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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are delighted to inform you that Labuan IBFC, in collaboration with the Financial Times, will be hosting the second annual ASEAN Wealth Management Summit on 18 November 2014 at the InterContinental Hotel in Singapore.

Hear from policy makers, regulators, and industry leaders how ASEAN countries are developing as centres for wealth management, what they can offer to clients in Asia, and what regional financial integration will mean for them.

Labuan conference – Wealth management

Governance Regime for Wealthy Business Families

We are pleased to announce that Labuan Borneo Trustees Limited will be
hosting a half day  Seminar on ” Governance structures, regulatory documents
and policies for wealthy business families” in Kuala Lumpur in the month of
September 2013. We will announce the specific date and venue nearer that

Briefly about the Seminar :

Asian’s wealthy families are most concerned about business growth,
diversification and the allocation of family assets. With the swelling
number of wealthy Asian families, the need for good family governance
mechanisms has become even more important.

This talk will focus on the following key areas :

.         21st century wealthy Asian family business in transition
.         understanding the challenges at the intersection of ownership,
family and business
.         the importance of family governance for the family and business
.         choosing the appropriate tool for governance with specific focus
on Labuan IBFC’s wealth management tools
.         constitutional documents and family governance policies
.         issues to consider when drafting family business governance

A case study involving a 4th generation wealthy family business will also be


At the end of the Seminar you will takeaway the following :

.         understand the importance of family, business and ownership
governance systems
.         appreciate the family dynamics and intricacies of family
relationships involved in business
.         learn how to handle the spexhism phenomenon and the speck of dust
.         understand different policies and how they relate to the family
.         learn to ask appropriate questions  in formulating family business
.         understand how to integrate/develop a family office within the
family and business governance system

STEP Mauritius Conference 9 – 10th April 2013


Why to incorporate in Seychelles


We would like to draw your kind attention to the STEP Mauritius Conference scheduled on the 9th – 10th April 2013.  The speakers are well known experts from the IFC industry and they will cover a wide range of current topics and issues.  Please find attached herewith the Agenda for the said conference.


Our Mr Krishnan, TEP, MICA will be speaking at the said Conference on the topic of Understanding the Foundation as a Wealth Management Tool for Islamic Succession Planning: Learning from Labuan.  He will also be participating in the Big Debate – Trusts vs Foundations on the 10th April 2013.


We sincerely hope you can attend and participate in the said conference.

Please do not hesitate to  contact us should you require further clarification or assistance.


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