Does your Business Need its Own Mobile App?

Apple recently announced one of the biggest profit margins in history and according to the New York Times has a “93% share of the profit in the handset industry”. These figures have come predominately from Apple’s massive global sales of its latest iPhone model, with millions sold in China alone.

What’s perhaps more incredible about this, is that this is only one of the leading smartphone companies. Other tech giants like Samsung and HTC can also boast healthy sales figures of their devices and you only have to take a look around you on a busy street to see just how many people are using a smartphone.

But should we be surprised by this? Gone are the days where a mobile phone was just that, a phone, with the occasional luxury of being able to send a text. Today they are portable multimedia platforms allowing users to do pretty much anything tech-based from the touch of a button. Whether it’s taking a photo or organising a date, I’m sure you’ll have heard the expression ‘is there an app for that?’ being asked at some point.

The Answer

So, really the answer to the above titular question should be a resounding ‘yes’. The bottom line really is that if you want your business to connect to your clients, then going via their smartphones is a sure-fire way to do so.

Creating Apps?

The creation of an app may well exceed your computing capabilities but that’s where companies like Evolve. These specialist firms can create bespoke apps for businesses which can offer as much or as little as they want them to.

What Benefits?

So aside from being able to showcase your business, other benefits you can realise from an app include:

  • Being available 24/7 – apps aren’t limited to working hours and depending on the nature of your service you can provide for customers around the clock.
  • Improved Communication Services – businesses can go above the standard phone call or email communications that the average company offers. Apps can feature messaging services meaning you can directly answer, and ultimately deal, with any issues far quicker.
  • USP – at the moment, you can market your app as a unique selling point and it can make your business stand out from the competition.

These are just a few generic examples of what having a mobile app can bring to your business, again depending on your service you could offer much, much more. So if you are in a position to invest in such features, be sure to do so to tap into a huge global market.