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Seychelles – Chinese Characters in the company’s name

Hello all, we are glad to inform you regarding Seychelles company formation  –  the cooperation between our companies regarding Seychelles companies formation.


We would like to pay your attention to that now a registration of offshore company is available with writing a company name in Chinese language.

If our offer will be interesting for you or you need any additional information, please let us know.


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Seychelles: Amendments to the IBC Act 2013

Pursuant to the amendments of the International Business Companies Act, 2013, the following take effects immediately and have to be adhered to:

1.       Issue of Bearer Shares is prohibited and all current bearer shares issued by the company have to be recalled and cancelled within six months and shall issue registered shares in substitution for the cancelled bearer shares.  Any bearer shares which have not been recalled and cancelled within that period of six months shall thereafter be null and void and be without effect for the purpose of the law.

2.      The share register of an IBC shall be maintained at the registered agent office only.

3.      Every company incorporated under the Act, shall by 31st December of each year furnish to the Registered Agent a return in the form of a declaration that:

(i)                  The company is keeping accounting records in accordance with the Act and that such records can be made available through its registered agents and that the Share Register located at the Registered Office is complete and updated.

IP Seminar: How to protect your R&D by Patent?

As being the supporting organization of the “IP Seminar: How to protect your R&D by Patent?” hosted by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation, it is our great honour to help them in promoting this seminar. Please see the programme details as below:


Date 10 December 2013, Tuesday
Time 2:30pm – 5:15pm
Venue Conference Hall 01-02, G/F, Core Building 1, Hong Kong Science Park
n Dr Jasemine C. Chambers, Ph.D., J.D., Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
n Mr Andrew Cobden, Consultant, Hogan Lovells
n Mr Peter Colegate, Legal Manager, Hogan Lovells
nMr Melvin Li, Founder and Principal, Melvin Li Intellectual Property Ltd
Target Entrepreneurs, Legal experts, Technology-based companies
Language English
Fee Free of charge
Registration Please register on or before 5 Dec (Thu) to with your company name, first name, surname, job position, tel no. and email address.

Seats are available on first-come-first-served basis.

IBC – International Business Company

IBC – an International Business Company – is the most commonly used official name for what is more popularly known as an “offshore company”. IBC is mostly incorporated entity under the laws of some jurisdictions as untaxed company which is not permitted to engage in business within the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated.

International Business Company might have most of the suffixes as follow (therefore they hold status IBC – you can chose any suffix you like to be used).

  1. Ltd
  2. Ltd.
  3. LTD
  4. LTD.
  5. Limited
  7. S.A.
  8. Inc
  9. Inc.
  10. Incorporated
  11. GmbH
  12. Co
  13. Co.


All of these suffixes might be used for company formation in Belize, company formation in BVI, company formation in Seychelles.

Intellectual Property – Trademark: Seychelles

One of our customer request

Typically a trademark application takes 9 to 12 months to be processed and registered in Seychelles.  A trademark registration is for 7 years and may be renewed at the expiration of each period for 14 years thereafter.  A separate registration is required for each individual class.  Total cost for registration of one mark in one class is Euro.949.75 and the cost for the second class filed at the same time is Euro.713.25.  Renewal of one mark in one class is Euro.710.75 and cost for the second class filed at the same time is Euro.436.05.

Upon receipt of instructions and required documents, the application is filed with the Trade Mark Registry, whereby an application number is issued within a week.  The application is processed by the trademark office.  If the application is accepted, a notice of publication is issued.  The notice is published in the Official Gazette in Seychelles.  This is done by us, and the cost of same is covered in our registration fee providing the class specification is no longer than half an A4 page when published.  Opposition proceeding have to be initiated within 2 months from the date of publication in the official Gazette.  An application for the Certificate of Registration is made by our firm after the 2 months.  The term of validity of the trademark takes effect from the date of filing the application.

If you decide to appoint our company as your agent, for any application for registration of a Trade Mark, we require a duly certified authorization of agent duly completed as per attached.  The power of attorney must be submitted with the trademark application.  If you decide to proceed with registration of a trademark, you will need to provide us with eight (8) representations of the mark for each application.  The documents have to be in English or if any other language, must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

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What documents do I need to open bank account in HSBC Hong Kong

How to chose the offshore bank

Once you open your company in Hong Kong, you will need to check what kind of documents to get in order to ope bank account with HSBC (or in any other bank e.g. Standared Charter, Citibank, China Bank, Hang Seng etc.) bank in Hong Kong. The KYC (Know Your Client) policy is getting tougher therefore you need to be well prepared for the meeting. You should collect following documents to make sure that all is fine with the !


Bank account opening in Hong Kong requires following documents once you:


Company documents for bank account opening in HSBC Hong Kong (prepared by Startupregistry (Limited Company established in Hong Kong)):
– Business Registration Certificate
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
– NC1 form

All of these documents are certified by Company Registry of Hong Kong SAR


Business proof  (following documents should be delivered by you)
Bank needs to know your nature of business whether you have been experienced in that industry you are going to work in therefore they need
some proof of business. (These documents should be delivered by you however they are NOT mandatory.)


– issued/received invoices (once the company is incorporated you can issue any of your future customers, they don’t need to pay you however the bank needs to see that you are serious and have already plan/customers)
– business description ( 1 page where you mention what kind of business you’re going to provide (date,signature, letter head, name of director/shareholder)
– agreements with suppliers (if any)
– bank reference letter (if you have one)
– professional letter (if any)
– Biz certificate & Inc certificate of your previous company (if any)


Personal documents
– passport
– proof of address (any utility bill which shows your address and your name)

Your incorporation service provider.

Company search in British Virgin Island


What is a representative office?

If you have BVI company (or Belize, Seychelles).

If you company is struck-off for non payment in order for us to know the how long they were struck off from the Registrar, we have to conduct a Company search.


Company search – In conducting a company search, we will know who the registered agent is, what year was the company has been struck-off, what the authorised shares of the Company is and if there are any registered charges.


Is it possible to get to know the shareholders and directors? Only 25% of entities file information. It is voluntary.


Seychelles offshore foundations – part II

COI - Certificate Of Incumbency

4.      The practical uses of a Seychelles Foundation

 (a)   Protection of personal wealth from financial and political stability of your domestic jurisdiction.

(b)Estate management, enabling one to plan and distribute the foundation assets through a central management system.

(c)  Tax planning purposes especially for inheritance assets.

(d)Corporate Control is maintained and monitored.

(e)  Employee share option schemes

(f)   Pension benefit plans

(g)  Charity groups


5.    What assets can be held in a Seychelles Offshore Foundation?

 There are several type of assets which can be held in an Offshore Foundation:

 ·         Shares and stocks for private and public companies or corporations

·        Bank deposits, bonds

·        Life Insurance Policies

·        Portfolios of investment plans

·        Real Estate

·        Life Estates

·        Intellectual Property such as Trade Marks, Patents and Copyrights

·        Personal Property

·        Assets of private Foundations

·        Art Collections etc…


6.    Advantages of Seychelles Foundations

 ·         They offer a no tax environment for offshore investors.

·        Seychelles Foundations are exempt from business tax.

·        Very high level of confidentiality and anonymity under Seychelles Law

·        Seychelles Foundations are an excellent corporate asset protection mechanism.

·        Seychelles Foundation can own multiple companies or corporations and assets with no restrictions as to what the assets can be.

·        Payment of reasonable compensation, whereby you are compensated for your services to the Foundation.

·        Can enforce set instructions (wishes) to be carried out in a similar way that a trust deed works.

·        No capital gains tax or taxes on business profits.

Definition of a tax haven

There is not clear an explanation what tax haven means however according to OECD it’s a country doesn’t follow the 4 criteria.


OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has made a list of the most important criteria it considers when determining whether a jurisdiction is a tax haven or not.


These criteria (according to OECD) have been specified as follow:
1. no or nominal tax on the relevant income;
2. lack of effective exchange of information;
3. lack of transparency; and
4. no substantial activities of the taxpayer in that jurisdiction, (2) together referred to as OECD Tax Haven Criteria.)


OECD has formulated following groups where 84 jurisdictions have been assessed:


While List – jurisdictions that the OECD does not consider as tax havens.
Grey List – jurisdictions have partly implemented the OECD International Tax Standard.
Black List – no tax cooperation, there are currently no black list countries.


More information on:



Seychelles offshore foundations – part I

Seychelles offshore foundations - part II

1.    What is a Seychelles Foundation?


A Seychelles Foundation is a corporate alternative to the creation of a trust.  Once formed it becomes its own legal entity.  For a Seychelles Foundation to come into existence, it requires a “Founder” who is the person or Corporate body forming the Foundation, a “Protector” who is required to ensure management compliance in a similar way to how a trust operates, and a “Beneficiary” like the concept of a trust, is the person or group of persons benefiting from the Foundation and finally there is a requirement for “Council Members”.


There are however, no requirements for shareholders as in a company.


A Seychelles Foundation is a new legal entity, taking on its own legal personality.  As such the Foundation becomes the owner of the Foundation’s property.  Foundations are able to own multiple companies or corporations, assets, shares in companies and can leave instructions to be carried out in the same way as a Trust can.  Such wishes will be included in the Foundation Regulations.  This document is neither registered with any authorities in Seychelles or elsewhere nor is available to the public, thereby ensuring the utmost confidentiality in these details.


2.    Why create a Seychelles Foundation?


A Seychelles Foundation is a highly recommendable step to take in determining the protection of your assets.  It boasts a reputation for high levels of security and confidential legislation.


The Seychelles Offshore environment allows for structuring flexibility when it comes to forming foundations, such as the avoidance of reporting and auditing to external government agencies.


3.    Types of Seychelles Foundations


(a)     Public Foundations:  these are established by families, groups, etc.
(b)    Private Foundations: these are established by individuals, generally these are private investment foundations.
(c)    Government Foundations.
(d)    Hybrid Foundations: these can be established by any of the above.

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