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IBC – International Business Company

IBC – an International Business Company – is the most commonly used official name for what is more popularly known as an “offshore company”. IBC is mostly incorporated entity under the laws of some jurisdictions as untaxed company which is not permitted to engage in business within the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated.

International Business Company might have most of the suffixes as follow (therefore they hold status IBC – you can chose any suffix you like to be used).

  1. Ltd
  2. Ltd.
  3. LTD
  4. LTD.
  5. Limited
  7. S.A.
  8. Inc
  9. Inc.
  10. Incorporated
  11. GmbH
  12. Co
  13. Co.


All of these suffixes might be used for company formation in Belize, company formation in BVI, company formation in Seychelles.

Company search in British Virgin Island


What is a representative office?

If you have BVI company (or Belize, Seychelles).

If you company is struck-off for non payment in order for us to know the how long they were struck off from the Registrar, we have to conduct a Company search.


Company search – In conducting a company search, we will know who the registered agent is, what year was the company has been struck-off, what the authorised shares of the Company is and if there are any registered charges.


Is it possible to get to know the shareholders and directors? Only 25% of entities file information. It is voluntary.


Belize online company formation within 24 hours

Belize online company formation within 24 hours !

Name reservation immidiatelly once we get the company name! It might take around 2 hours to reserve the company name once we will get the company name through email or phone call. Send us the company name you want to register.

e.g.: “Your company name Ltd.”

How long does it take to form an IBC?

A Belize IBC is incorporated within 24 hours. We will deliver to you incorporation documents via courier. Courier and logistics are of advanced country standard. It usually takes around 3 working days to deliver all company documents.

It might take around 2 hours to reserve the company name once we will get the company name through email or phone call.


Startupr has the access to the Registered Agents Center due to this fact we are able to register the company that fast:


The process is straight forward and we will need just a few of your information:


First Name*:


Last Name*:


Passport No.*:


Passport Issuing Country*:


Street and City*:






No. of Shares*:


Will he/she be a director or shareholder?


This is the company formation particulars we need to register a company in Belize.

In what languages can an IBC be incorporated?


A Belize IBC can be incorporated in any language (provided a properly translated English version is also submitted). We do not impose extra charge on bilingual Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association.

You can download the order form directly in here!

Contact us for further information:

Definition of a tax haven

There is not clear an explanation what tax haven means however according to OECD it’s a country doesn’t follow the 4 criteria.


OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has made a list of the most important criteria it considers when determining whether a jurisdiction is a tax haven or not.


These criteria (according to OECD) have been specified as follow:
1. no or nominal tax on the relevant income;
2. lack of effective exchange of information;
3. lack of transparency; and
4. no substantial activities of the taxpayer in that jurisdiction, (2) together referred to as OECD Tax Haven Criteria.)


OECD has formulated following groups where 84 jurisdictions have been assessed:


While List – jurisdictions that the OECD does not consider as tax havens.
Grey List – jurisdictions have partly implemented the OECD International Tax Standard.
Black List – no tax cooperation, there are currently no black list countries.


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Open Belize International Business Company (IBC)

DOC document

Incorporate your Beliz IBC. Download the form and send it back to: tomas[at]