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Wealth Management Forum 2013 – Hong Kong

Wealth Management Forum 2013 – Hong Kong” – hosted by Hubbis.

This one-day forum will provide you unique insights from many of the industry’s leading practitioners – to help you differentiate your offering and meet the new requirements of doing business profitably in Asia.


It will be held from 9.00am to 5.00pm on:

Tuesday 26th February
Conrad, Hong Kong


Registration begins at 8.40am.

The Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) and the Belgium-Hong Kong Society

IF you are interesting on event of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) and the Belgium-Hong Kong Society. Please let us know.

Dear Mr. Milar,


In light of the Business of Design Week (BoDW) that will take place from December 2 to December 7, 2013 in Hong Kong, the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) and the Belgium-Hong Kong Society (BHKS) are pleased to invite you to a networking event with a business delegation from, amongst others, the HK-SAR Government, HK Trade Development Council, HK Design Center, HK Design Institute, Polytech Institute and HK Ambassadors of Design on March 5, 2013 in Brussels.
Belgium being elected “Partner country” to the BoDW 2013 is an acknowledgement of our importance in the global world of creativity. This event promises a valuable platform for Belgian design-related business. This prestigious project, under the name of Belgian Spirit, is an organization of our 3 regional governments and related partners.


Who Should Attend?
– Champions and connoisseurs of design

– Start-ups and SMEs looking for inspiration

– Entrepreneurs, innovators, highly-motivated business leaders

– CEOs and senior management interested in unleashing the power of design

– Policy makers and influencers, trade association leaders

– Academics and design educators

– Students and all creative individuals

Please find attached a list of the coming delegation.


16.00-16.30: Registration

Welcome words by Bernard Dewit, Chairman of BCECC

Welcome words by Mr Piet Steel, Chairman of BHKS

Welcome words by Victor Lo, Chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre

17:00-17:15: Presentation Belgian Spirit Project
17.15-18.30: Networking reception/cocktail


Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel
Brussels National Airport
1930 Brussels
Located across the departure halls of the airport.


Interested in joining us? Subscription fee for BCECC and BHKS members is 35€/person and 70 €/person for non-members. Please register before the 1st of March by sending the filled in registration form to or by faxing it to 02 649 04 39.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Best regards,

HK & BVI: Information request on company formation & bank account opening

Email from your customer: Name & nationality have been changed due to privacy issue. However, the content is more important. Here how we deal with our customers:


Hello Peter,


thanks for reaching me! My name is Tomas and I will take care of your case.


I will use your email and will implement all answers in for your better perusal (you wrote):

I would like some information regarding your company formation service.
I am a Swedish business owner and I am working on expanding world wide. I
am interested in creating 2 international business companies: One Hong
Kong based, this one will mainly be used to manage patents and related

The company is done within 24 hours.


0) Hong Kong Government – 300 US$ (for incorporation and business license)
1) Startupr Incorporation – 89 US$
2) Registered address 150 US$
3) Startupr as a Agent/secretary – 150 US$
4) Annual Return and postal – 60 US$ + 55 US$ (gov fees of 25 US$ included)
5) Certified copy of Documents – 250 US$ + 95 US$ ( You will need it in order to open up a bank account in HSBC)
6) Bank Account opening in HSBC 95 US$


We have in our team lawyer who is focused on patent as well. He might be of assistance.

The other one a BVI company, for international marketing and
technical consulting.
I would need to use a separate bank account for each company, but for
practicality it would be nice to have those at one reputable bank, like
This is exactly what we always advice to our clients. To open up a company is really easy however you should think twice where to open up a bank account! My advice is almost always HSBC as you have mentioned. They are based worldwide and have really nice online system – banking, we use it in Startupr as well.

The BVI company might have the bank account in HSBC in Hong Kong as well as the Hong Kong company. It would be done at the same time!


Pricing for BVI:


0) 350 US$ – Government incorporation fee
1)  89 US$ – Startupr company registration fee
2) 350 US$ – Registered address for one year
3) 395 + 115 US$ – Apostilled bound of incorporation documents + postal
4) 295 US$ – BVI, Mauritius, Malta, Latvia or Seychelles – bank account opening
Total: 1594 US$ ( however you can customize your order)

I would like to know if you can help arrange a setup like this

yes, we do this often

and what
your procedure for opening bank accounts is (does it require a meeting
at the bank, do you prepare all documents, etc). 
The process for you as customer is as follow for both companies (we really take care of everything else):

steps to form the company (HK, BVI) and open bank account are as follow:
0. understanding to your needs – biz model or biz case, your needs
1. filling the order form (attached)
2. checking by startupr
3. mandatory order, invoice & payment
4. incorporation
5. post incorporation process; documents dispatching to your address, etc.


we need to issue all documents as (for both companies: HK&BVI):


– Cert of Incumbency
– M&A
– Resolution of electing directors
– Resignation of Subscriber’s Rihts
– Cert of Incorporation
– Share certificate
– Certificate of Incumbency


Indeed, you will need to come over to HK, it will be much faster and easy for all of us.

My preference would be to have this all arranged as a complete package. 
I hope, I have replied to all of your questions, here is the Skype if you like to contact me any further: tomas.milar

or simply my phone: +852 817 036 29


have a great day

tomas m




Hi Thomas,


Thank you for the quick reply!
You've made things much clearer. So I get from this HSBC will have no problem opening an account for a BVI company? It's a shame I would need to be present in person, I am really short on time right now and I was hoping to get the company's started on short term. It's not possible to do the incorporations and bank account opening remotely?





Intellectual Property – Trademark: Seychelles

One of our customer request

Typically a trademark application takes 9 to 12 months to be processed and registered in Seychelles.  A trademark registration is for 7 years and may be renewed at the expiration of each period for 14 years thereafter.  A separate registration is required for each individual class.  Total cost for registration of one mark in one class is Euro.949.75 and the cost for the second class filed at the same time is Euro.713.25.  Renewal of one mark in one class is Euro.710.75 and cost for the second class filed at the same time is Euro.436.05.

Upon receipt of instructions and required documents, the application is filed with the Trade Mark Registry, whereby an application number is issued within a week.  The application is processed by the trademark office.  If the application is accepted, a notice of publication is issued.  The notice is published in the Official Gazette in Seychelles.  This is done by us, and the cost of same is covered in our registration fee providing the class specification is no longer than half an A4 page when published.  Opposition proceeding have to be initiated within 2 months from the date of publication in the official Gazette.  An application for the Certificate of Registration is made by our firm after the 2 months.  The term of validity of the trademark takes effect from the date of filing the application.

If you decide to appoint our company as your agent, for any application for registration of a Trade Mark, we require a duly certified authorization of agent duly completed as per attached.  The power of attorney must be submitted with the trademark application.  If you decide to proceed with registration of a trademark, you will need to provide us with eight (8) representations of the mark for each application.  The documents have to be in English or if any other language, must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

contact us for trade mark in Seychelles