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Start your company in Delaware

Wyoming Annual Report Filings

Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming are supposed to be the most busiest states in terms of incorporation in whole USA. Why incorporate in Delaware? More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies form in Delaware and the numbers continue to grow.

  • Delaware ranks 8th in Business Tax Climat.
  • One of the most business friendly states in the countr.
  • Large portion of Fortune 500 companies incorporate in Delawar.
  • A pro-business environment, and
  • the prestige that accompanies Delaware LLCs and Delaware incorporation.
  • Offers impressive privacy protections
  • Company ownership need not be disclosed to the State of Delaware.
  • Company ownership transfers need not be reported to the State of Delaware.
  • Delaware does not maintain a publicly available database of companies’ management.
  • Delaware imposes no tax on capital stock or assets.
  • There is no sales tax in Delaware.
  • There are no Delaware capital shares or stock transfer taxes.

Start business in Delaware and incorporate online through

Snapengage – Closer to our customer

Snapengage - Closer to our customer

Visit and start to chat with us through instant message coming once you launch our websites. We will answer your question promptly.


SnapEngage is a no-brainer for companies wanting to provide the best customer support.”


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Start your company in Wyoming

Wyoming Annual Report Filings

If you wonder about to open up a company in Wyoming, IncParadise is the right company to deal with! We have been experienced for over 10 years with this state therefore we are able to give you one of the best deal you might have found. We have prepared the basic Q&A of our customers. If you think to register company Wyoming choose

Do I need to reserve a corporate name?
No, but it is recommended to reserve a name prior to filing to ensure that it remains available during the incorporation process.

How do I reserve a corporate name?
The reservation of your corporate name will be handled by IncParadise and is included in the price of our service.

Do I have to renew my name registration?
If you are conducted business as a “Doing Business As” (DBAs) entity, you will need to renew your name every 10 years. Six months prior to the renewal period, the state will send you notification to renew.

How do I incorporate in Wyoming?
When using our service, IncParadise will file, on your behalf, the required administrative forms and articles of incorporation with the appropriate Wyoming agency.

Is a registered agent required?
Yes, the name and address of the registered agent must be listed in the articles of incorporation. Also, the articles must be accompanied by a written consent to appointment manually signed by the registered agent. As part of our ongoing service, IncParadise does provide a registered agent service option that you can select during the online registration process.

How many Incorporators are required to form a Wyoming corporation?
One or more incorporators are required in the state of Wyoming.

How many Directors are required for a Wyoming corporation?
One or more directors are required in the state of Wyoming.

Are corporations in Wyoming required to file an Annual Report?
Yes. Annual reports are due by December 1st of each year.


Startup Weekend in Tokio

Startup Weekend in Tokio

We are happy to announce Startupr has become a sponsor of the Startup Weekend in Tokyo.

About Startup Weekend Tokyo (by organizers).

Startup Weekend brings together a highly motivated group of individuals including developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus and graphic artists to attend a 54-hour event that builds communities, companies and projects. Read more.

Startupr is proud to support Startup events.

Seychelles offshore foundations – part I

Seychelles offshore foundations - part II

1.    What is a Seychelles Foundation?


A Seychelles Foundation is a corporate alternative to the creation of a trust.  Once formed it becomes its own legal entity.  For a Seychelles Foundation to come into existence, it requires a “Founder” who is the person or Corporate body forming the Foundation, a “Protector” who is required to ensure management compliance in a similar way to how a trust operates, and a “Beneficiary” like the concept of a trust, is the person or group of persons benefiting from the Foundation and finally there is a requirement for “Council Members”.


There are however, no requirements for shareholders as in a company.


A Seychelles Foundation is a new legal entity, taking on its own legal personality.  As such the Foundation becomes the owner of the Foundation’s property.  Foundations are able to own multiple companies or corporations, assets, shares in companies and can leave instructions to be carried out in the same way as a Trust can.  Such wishes will be included in the Foundation Regulations.  This document is neither registered with any authorities in Seychelles or elsewhere nor is available to the public, thereby ensuring the utmost confidentiality in these details.


2.    Why create a Seychelles Foundation?


A Seychelles Foundation is a highly recommendable step to take in determining the protection of your assets.  It boasts a reputation for high levels of security and confidential legislation.


The Seychelles Offshore environment allows for structuring flexibility when it comes to forming foundations, such as the avoidance of reporting and auditing to external government agencies.


3.    Types of Seychelles Foundations


(a)     Public Foundations:  these are established by families, groups, etc.
(b)    Private Foundations: these are established by individuals, generally these are private investment foundations.
(c)    Government Foundations.
(d)    Hybrid Foundations: these can be established by any of the above.

Register foundation with Startupr.

How to register company in EU without to be charged?

I know that some startups/companies have really low budget to pay incorporation fee and government fee.

Here is a few tips how to incorporate for free:

1) Look for office – you can share it with some other company
2) Learn how to incorporate your company by yourself in desire jurisdiction

To the point 2: Here is a link providing all information on company formation in all countries of European Union

Enjoy reading! If you will need some advice drop me email: tomas[at]

If you need information on company formation you can contact as on: info[at]

What does “KYC” mean?

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

KYC – Know Your Client is a process when incorporation provider requires information on each and every Beneficial Owner, Director and Shareholder. Certain Jurisdictions or banks may require even more information than is mentioned in this article. The bank usually ask for following documents:


Natural Person
– Passport
– Proof of residential address


Company documents
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association
– Certificate of Incumbency
– Share certificate
– Resolution Electing Director


Can I open an Anonymous bank account?


No, there is no bank offering such a service as “anonymous accounts”. All of the banks are required to get know their client (KYC). While account opening through an Introduction is still possible without a personal appearance of the owner of the company in the bank.


Banking secrecy


Every single bank in offshore jurisdiction is obliged to keep all information must remain in regards to “KYC – Know Your Client” strictly confidential.

E.g. This is standar process even if the you open Seychelles company.

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore? Offshore company!

Offshore territory is any jurisdiction except your resident one ( where you currently live) mostly known for the legal, tax and financial benefits or from the company management point of view. It might be UK (not only UK others countries are offshore) once you live in Luxembourg or USA (not only USA others countries are offshore) once you live in China. It’s quite simple isn’t it?


To be offshore in banking industry means to have a bank account in  different country than you reside.


It would be fine to mention what does it mean to be “onshore”. Onshore might be regarded as the jurisdiction where a company is domiciled and in which it pays a significant rate of tax. There is even a term in resource management when founder comes to low cost country (e.g. as China) and will use the advantage of the low labor cost.


Nowadays, I would like to more stress not just the offshore or onshore matter but the globalization taking an effect in trading and IT industry. Tthere is now quite easy way to start your own business with really low costs as was mentioned before e.g.: open International Business Company  in Seychelles + find your product ( good or service) + set up web and launch business into 48 hours.


It’s simple, isn’t it?

Rietumu bank and Startupr have agreed on cooperation

Rietumu bank is regarded as one of the largest bank operating in Baltic area. Thanks to the bank policy, the services have been applied for customers from all the world. The bank is situated in European Union what rankes the bank between to highest offshore banks in banking industry. Rietumu provides traditional banking services, such as crediting, financing trade operations, deposits and international payments, consulting services (including tax consultations), brokerage services, asset management, consulting, and assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia, as well as offering deluxe credit cards.


  • Bank placed in European Union.
  • There is a one-time account opening fee of 150 EUR for any Private or Business bank account, initial deposite of 150 EUR
  • No mantainance fee for bank account exceeding 10,000 EUR (or equivalent in another currency)
  • Multi-currency bank account, allowing to hold any currency – including EUR, USD, etc.
  • Visa/Mastercard debit and credit card available.
  • Telephone & Internet banking facilities available.
  • SWIFT/ IBAN available.

Start your business in Seychelles nad opne bank account through startupr in Rietumu bank.

Why to incorporate in Wyoming?


Why to incorporate in Wyoming?
Business Information & Rankings
  • Wyoming ranks 1st for Best Business Tax Climate. (Tax Foundation, 2006)
  • Pollina Corporate Real Estate ranked Wyoming 6th in its Top Ten Pro-Business States 2005: Keeping Jobs in America Report.
  • Wyoming ranks the highest with employment in the mining industry for the entire country.
  • Wyoming is the number one producer of coal in the United States.
  • Classified rural land in Wyoming occupies 91% of the state.

Fees & Taxes


Business Inventory Tax


Corporate Income Tax
The state of Wyoming, in addition to collecting no personal income taxes, collects no corporate income taxes as well.


Personal Income Tax
Wyoming levies no individual income taxes.


Personal Property Tax
Wyoming is one of the 38 states that collect property taxes at both the state and local levels. Personal property held for personal use is tax exempt. Inventory if held for resale, pollution control equipment, cash, accounts receivable, stocks and bonds are also exempt.


State Sales and Use Tax
Base Rate: 4.00%
Machinery Rate: 4.00%


Wyoming provides an exemption for the sale or lease of machinery to be used directly and predominantly in manufacturing tangible personal property.