Rietumu bank and Startupr have agreed on cooperation

Rietumu bank is regarded as one of the largest bank operating in Baltic area. Thanks to the bank policy, the services have been applied for customers from all the world. The bank is situated in European Union what rankes the bank between to highest offshore banks in banking industry. Rietumu provides traditional banking services, such as crediting, financing trade operations, deposits and international payments, consulting services (including tax consultations), brokerage services, asset management, consulting, and assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia, as well as offering deluxe credit cards.


  • Bank placed in European Union.
  • There is a one-time account opening fee of 150 EUR for any Private or Business bank account, initial deposite of 150 EUR
  • No mantainance fee for bank account exceeding 10,000 EUR (or equivalent in another currency)
  • Multi-currency bank account, allowing to hold any currency – including EUR, USD, etc.
  • Visa/Mastercard debit and credit card available.
  • Telephone & Internet banking facilities available.
  • SWIFT/ IBAN available.

Start your business in Seychelles nad opne bank account through startupr in Rietumu bank.