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You know how it’s if you grow bigger, the customer referral is the best way of letting people know you’re doing good job. One of our customer e-mail us back the conversation over the email. Thanks Vicnes, hope your VoIP business is doing well!

Dear Nadir Ehsan,
Yes, I did work with Mr.Tomas Milar and his response was fast and was really helpful to setup the company. 
I can ensure the recommendation of Mr.Tomas Milar towards your company .


Vicnesvaran Rajamanikkan
Managing Director

We’re responsible to provide quality services and real time response with 24/7 operation.

Here you are , call me anytime you need to:my mobile phone: +60192616671



On Aug 14, 2013, at 11:14 AM, nadir ehsan wrote:
Dear Mr. Rajamanikkan,
You give a testimonial for Tomas Milar at Startupregistry to incorporate a Hong Kong based company in a speedy fashion. I just want to verify that you were indeed happy with the way Tomas and his team helped you set up your company, independently of the testimonial on his website.
I am in a similar position and before I go head with the commitment and transactions I just wanted to be sure.
Kind regards,
Nadir Ehsan

Client testimonials – Suit Up Tailor Limited

Hello to all of you,

Guillaume is one of our customer who has been experienced to get company opened within 24 hours.

“Tomas is really helpful and knows what he is doing. Even with his detailed websites, he is willing to answer all of your questions to get the work done. Fast and premium service for the lowest price on the market ! Excellent

The company was ready within 24 hours as I needed to have the bank account one day leter.”


Suit Up Tailor Limited

Guillaume BAZAN – Corporate

HSBC – Bank account opened at the same day

It’s always great to receive the feed back from our clients on our service:

Hi Tomas,

Thank you very much for your participation in this process. Everything went very good. Bank account is open, I have a debit card, and even the needed device for the internet banking.

I would very much recommend your services to anyone.

If you happen to be in town (central) later today, let me know, I would be more than happy to invite you for a drink or a dinner (if you have time for that of course).

Greetings from France


Streamline Invest Limited | Managing Director



HK & BVI: Information request on company formation & bank account opening

Email from your customer: Name & nationality have been changed due to privacy issue. However, the content is more important. Here how we deal with our customers:


Hello Peter,


thanks for reaching me! My name is Tomas and I will take care of your case.


I will use your email and will implement all answers in for your better perusal (you wrote):

I would like some information regarding your company formation service.
I am a Swedish business owner and I am working on expanding world wide. I
am interested in creating 2 international business companies: One Hong
Kong based, this one will mainly be used to manage patents and related

The company is done within 24 hours.


0) Hong Kong Government – 300 US$ (for incorporation and business license)
1) Startupr Incorporation – 89 US$
2) Registered address 150 US$
3) Startupr as a Agent/secretary – 150 US$
4) Annual Return and postal – 60 US$ + 55 US$ (gov fees of 25 US$ included)
5) Certified copy of Documents – 250 US$ + 95 US$ ( You will need it in order to open up a bank account in HSBC)
6) Bank Account opening in HSBC 95 US$


We have in our team lawyer who is focused on patent as well. He might be of assistance.

The other one a BVI company, for international marketing and
technical consulting.
I would need to use a separate bank account for each company, but for
practicality it would be nice to have those at one reputable bank, like
This is exactly what we always advice to our clients. To open up a company is really easy however you should think twice where to open up a bank account! My advice is almost always HSBC as you have mentioned. They are based worldwide and have really nice online system – banking, we use it in Startupr as well.

The BVI company might have the bank account in HSBC in Hong Kong as well as the Hong Kong company. It would be done at the same time!


Pricing for BVI:


0) 350 US$ – Government incorporation fee
1)  89 US$ – Startupr company registration fee
2) 350 US$ – Registered address for one year
3) 395 + 115 US$ – Apostilled bound of incorporation documents + postal
4) 295 US$ – BVI, Mauritius, Malta, Latvia or Seychelles – bank account opening
Total: 1594 US$ ( however you can customize your order)

I would like to know if you can help arrange a setup like this

yes, we do this often

and what
your procedure for opening bank accounts is (does it require a meeting
at the bank, do you prepare all documents, etc). 
The process for you as customer is as follow for both companies (we really take care of everything else):

steps to form the company (HK, BVI) and open bank account are as follow:
0. understanding to your needs – biz model or biz case, your needs
1. filling the order form (attached)
2. checking by startupr
3. mandatory order, invoice & payment
4. incorporation
5. post incorporation process; documents dispatching to your address, etc.


we need to issue all documents as (for both companies: HK&BVI):


– Cert of Incumbency
– M&A
– Resolution of electing directors
– Resignation of Subscriber’s Rihts
– Cert of Incorporation
– Share certificate
– Certificate of Incumbency


Indeed, you will need to come over to HK, it will be much faster and easy for all of us.

My preference would be to have this all arranged as a complete package. 
I hope, I have replied to all of your questions, here is the Skype if you like to contact me any further: tomas.milar

or simply my phone: +852 817 036 29


have a great day

tomas m




Hi Thomas,


Thank you for the quick reply!
You've made things much clearer. So I get from this HSBC will have no problem opening an account for a BVI company? It's a shame I would need to be present in person, I am really short on time right now and I was hoping to get the company's started on short term. It's not possible to do the incorporations and bank account opening remotely?





Lean Startup Machine – Prague


Lean Startup Machine - Prague

Startupr is happy to annouce another sponsorship of Startup event – Lean Starup Machine.

Prague Goes Lean on 3/1

Lean Startup Machine is a metrics-driven startup competition where teams learn to identify the key risks in their business model through hands-on mentorship and a unique framework of tools. 
Over the course of the weekend you will do the following: 
Ideate a startup…or work on the one you have now 
Practice Customer Discovery 
Research your Target Market 
Practice Customer Development 
Test your Assumptions in Iterations 
Understand your Business Model 
Iterate and Pivot (when necessary) 
Build something you can Launch 
Present your Validated Learnings 
…and more 


Our Stunning Venue… 


Radlická 50 Prague 5 Czech Republic




Awesome Mentors and Speakers… 
Previous Mentors from other workshops have included: 


Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup @ericries 
Jeff Gothelf, Director of UX, @jboogie 
San Kim, Founder and CEO, @sankim 
Steve Schlafman, Principal at Lerer Ventures. @schlaf 
Nate Berkopec, Product @ Angelsoft. @nateberkopec 
Josh Seiden, NY Program Director, LUXr. @jseiden 
Lee Hoffman, Co-Founder and CEO, Veri. @leemhoffman 
Farrah Bostic, Founder, Difference Engine. @farrahbostic 
Kareem Kouddous, Head of Technology, Crowdtap. @kareemk 
David Teten, Partner at ff Ventures. @dteten 
Bryan Helmkamp, CTO, Efficiency 2.0. @brynary 
…and more 


Our mentors are the TOP brains in this space who will be thinking about your idea, sharing insights into your market, helping tweak your messaging, looking at your UX and even your code in just 48 hours. ONE HOUR of consulting with anyone of these people would be more than the price of admission and you get them for the whole weekend! 


For more information, visit us at Customer Testimonial – Kameleon languages limited

My company ( specializes in online language teaching and interactive teaching material.

There are many things that have to be done when you open a new company ; It is amazing to be able to rely on Startupr to manage everything you need to be taken care of on your behalf.
In Tomas Milar, I found someone dedicated, honest, and above all effective.
The pricing for the service is transparent. Unlike the other incorporating companies, you can get all the information you need on Startupr website, you don’t need to send information about yourself before even knowing what the company has to offer.
You just see what you need – and get it done.
I highly recommend.

STARTUPR as a responsible and trustworthy partner by:

STARTUPR as a responsible and trustworthy partner by:

Our ambitious team specialised in graphic logo design is leaded by two golden rules:  

 High level of individual customer service

– Adequate response of your expectations

Being one of the basic elements for business identity, every logo must be unique designed specifically for a certain company, representing in synthesis  the business activity or the essence of the product, to communicate easily with a maximum range of potential audiences, to contain simple and distinct expression , to manifest plasticity, aesthetics, colour effects. A well-established logo will help you to reply the high demands of professionalism defined by thecontemporary marketing industry, to be a step ahead of your competition, to increase the trust of your customers, to be globally recognizable and memorable.

For all that you can count on our support

Without doubt in STARTUPR we found a responsible and trustworthy partner. We are 100% confident in their professionalism, competence, awareness and good fast results. Every business success is easily achievable with helpful partnership.


Nadia Krasteva

Startupr – Personalized service

Keewire is a dynamic company specialised in new Technologies. Our members are digital nomads, coming from all over the world.
Our mission is to help and assist you through all your IT and internet needs. Please visit for more details.


I came accross Startupr services through a google search and i have to say it’s the best service ever. Tomas was very patient and helpful.


– He helped me understanding and registrating our company in Hong-Kong.
– He was very patient with me, even after 20+ emails
– He was very clear about the price for the registration
– He pointed me to right direction for getting certified versions of some documents.


Thanks to his honesty, i was able to get a very personalized service, and only pay what i was needing.


I definitely recommend working with Startupr, because they are : low cost company formation provider, efficient, quick and professional.

Your company formation provider –

Fast incorporation service

Startup from USA

I was pleasntly surprised to see this done so quickly. Your company under commits and over delivers :). Thanks for your help. I will get back you in a month or so for the Hongkong Incorporation as well. This is a real problem area you are solving by your startup that is helping Startups like me to Globalize early. Good luck. I have attached the share certificate to the mail. Please feel free to contact me if you need any info on the startups in the USA.

Martin Weber

Startupr Customer Testimonial I. – Brandembassy

Startupr helped me to launch a new company in a record time. Tomas Milar was helpful during the whole process of setting up a British Ltd. company   and I will be happy to work with him on long term basis.


Brand Embassy = The Customer Engagement Tool

Brand Embassy help brands to show that they care about their customers. It provides an easy-to-use management tool for identification and engagement of dissatisfied and influential customers and measuring consumer satisfaction.  Founded by customers, chosen by Telefonica O2, AVG, Diageo, Johnson & Johnson and other customer-empowering market leaders.

Vit Horky | Co-founder and Managing Director of Brand Embassy Ltd.

Your Startupr