STARTUPR as a responsible and trustworthy partner by:

STARTUPR as a responsible and trustworthy partner by:

Our ambitious team specialised in graphic logo design is leaded by two golden rules:  

 High level of individual customer service

– Adequate response of your expectations

Being one of the basic elements for business identity, every logo must be unique designed specifically for a certain company, representing in synthesis  the business activity or the essence of the product, to communicate easily with a maximum range of potential audiences, to contain simple and distinct expression , to manifest plasticity, aesthetics, colour effects. A well-established logo will help you to reply the high demands of professionalism defined by thecontemporary marketing industry, to be a step ahead of your competition, to increase the trust of your customers, to be globally recognizable and memorable.

For all that you can count on our support

Without doubt in STARTUPR we found a responsible and trustworthy partner. We are 100% confident in their professionalism, competence, awareness and good fast results. Every business success is easily achievable with helpful partnership.


Nadia Krasteva