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UK Limited company EORI Number

Dear Customers,

You may not be aware that we offer a Service where you can obtain an EORI Number within three working days!

The Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number (EORI) is an EU initiative that helps traders communicate with customs officials when they are importing and exporting goods.

If you are importing or exporting goods you MUST have an EORI Number. This is required to allow customs to check what you are bringing into the Country, and will also allow them to tie up duty and VAT invoices etc.

Importers and exporters are able to register for an EORI number which is valid throughout the EU. They can use this number in communications with any customs authorities in the EU, for example in customs declarations where a customs identifier is required.

The price for us to assist with obtaining an EORI Number is: 38.50GBP

Please see further details below:

– It usually takes the authorities up to 3 working days for your application to be processed
– Once your application has been approved, you will be able to use your EORI number within 24 hours

If you would like any further information regarding an EORI Number, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

In United Kingdom, company limited by shares is the most common form of company for trading and doing business. A company limited by shares has a share capital which is divided into a number of shares of certain value each. Some or all of the shares are then held by investors, which are known as the shareholders of the company. If the company is prosperous and makes good profits, the company will then distribute dividend to the shareholders in accordance with their respective shareholdings. If the company suffers a loss, the shareholders will, at the most, lose all their investment in the shares of the company. In other words, their liabilities are limited to the value of the shares.

The most common ways of establishing a charitable organization in United Kingdom are through the use of:
a) A trust
b) A society established under the Societies Ordinance (Cap 151)
c) A company incorporated under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32)

A company limited by guarantee is a company which is often used as a device for setting up of a club, association, school or charitable body. The liability of its members is limited to the amount which they agree to contribute to its assets in the event of the company being wound up.


The most popular method for establishing a charity is a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Ordinance of United Kingdom (Cap 32), which allows for greater transparency and legitimacy in establishing a charity in United Kingdom. The draft incorporation documents for a United Kingdom company are submitted at the same time as the application for Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance Cap 112 tax exemption status to the Inland Revenue Department for pre-approval.

Under United Kingdom law a charity must be established exclusively for charitable purposes and as such must fall into the following categories:

a) Relief of poverty;
b) Advancement of education;
c) Advancement of religion; and

d) Other purposes of a charitable nature beneficial to the community not falling under any of above categories. (For example, this may include charities with the purpose of providing care and protection to animals or for the provision of specific medical purposes such as cancer research.)

What is an annual return ?

COI - Certificate Of Incumbency

A private company – Limited (Ltd.) having a share capital should, except in the year of its incorporation, file its annual return once in every calendar year. In Hong Kong it’s within 42 days after the anniversary of its date of incorporation, in United Kingdom it’s within 28 days after the anniversary of its date of incorporation.

• the name of the company;
• its registered number;
• the type of company it is, e.g. Limited;
• the registered office address of the company;
• the address where the company keeps certain company registers if not at the
registered office;
• the company secretary
• the name and address of the company secretary, where applicable;
• the name, usual residential address, date of birth, nationality and business
occupation of all the company’s directors;
• the date to which the annual return is made-up


Register company in Hong Kong or in United Kingdom




Hi, do you remember when I was posting an article about the European Parliament of Enterprises of 2008? Where I had been as a member of European enterprises.


It’s coming soon again. When? 18th of October, 2012.


Contact your chamber of commerce and register your company. I’m not really  sure when is the application deadline for each country however, it’s just a reminder.


by organizer: “For the “European Parliament of Enterprises” EUROCHAMBRES brings together over 750 business men and women, coming from 45 European countries who get a chance to ‘become’ Members of the European Parliament for one day, debating and voting on some of the most crucial topics currently at the heart of the political debate.

more info:


good luck with the application


tomas milar



It has been already 4 years since I have been chosen to represent Czech Republic as the entrepreneur ( 20 in total) in EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT OF ENTERPRISES 2008. It allowed businessmen and businesswomen to become Members of the European Parliament for one day, debate and vote on some of the most crucial topics currently at the heart of the political debate. If you are an entrepreneur one of the EU country and would like to rise your hand and say your opinion in the Hemicycle infront of 750 fellows, send a request to your chamber of commerce. The next event is going to take a place in Brussels during the autumn, 2012.


One of the most important matter for this event is networking and find potential customer or even to start new project! It’s not a vacation or politics its about your company, your deal!


good luck


tomas m

PS: Yes, I did shake with hand of Jose Manuel Barrosso 🙂

Incorporate company in UK and have a bank account in Hong Kong

Incorporate company in UK and have a bank account in Hong Kong

Are you looking for the fastest & cheapest company formation? United Kingdom might be one of your choice in regards to company formation. Highly reputable jurisdiction. E.g. are you about to expand to Europe or simply looking for jurisdiction registered with Android platform – see more in here. There might be an issue with your citizenship (non UK ciztizen might have difficulties to open a bank account) therefore we might offer you to open a bank account in HSBC in Hong Kong.


HSBC is the British multinational bank – as of 2011 it was the world’s second-largest banking and financial services group. You can open up a bank account in HSBC Hong Kong  – Business Direct as a shareholder of UK company. There is no need to travel to Hong Kong. For further information contact us:


UK company + HSBC Hong Kong bank account = the best platform starting new oline business just within a few days


Your Startupr

Bank reference letter – HSBC

Bank reference letter from HSBC Hong Kong. Past a few days, we were getting questions how the bank reference letter looks like. Here you are – this is an example of bank reference letter from HSBC. It normally takes 2 working days to proceed.  40 US$ is charged per letter and  3 US$ is charged per additional copy.

Bank reference letter - HSBC

Your Startupr

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore? Offshore company!

Offshore territory is any jurisdiction except your resident one ( where you currently live) mostly known for the legal, tax and financial benefits or from the company management point of view. It might be UK (not only UK others countries are offshore) once you live in Luxembourg or USA (not only USA others countries are offshore) once you live in China. It’s quite simple isn’t it?


To be offshore in banking industry means to have a bank account in  different country than you reside.


It would be fine to mention what does it mean to be “onshore”. Onshore might be regarded as the jurisdiction where a company is domiciled and in which it pays a significant rate of tax. There is even a term in resource management when founder comes to low cost country (e.g. as China) and will use the advantage of the low labor cost.


Nowadays, I would like to more stress not just the offshore or onshore matter but the globalization taking an effect in trading and IT industry. Tthere is now quite easy way to start your own business with really low costs as was mentioned before e.g.: open International Business Company  in Seychelles + find your product ( good or service) + set up web and launch business into 48 hours.


It’s simple, isn’t it?

Offices around the world vs. Marketing strategy

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

A few days ago, we had very interesting phone call from our customer based in France requesting on incorporation in Hong Kong, Nevada (USA) and UK.


We had spoken about the incorporation process and the price policy after a few minutes of discussion, he was claiming that he will use this jurisdictions as good and cheap marketing strategy.


It’s actually smart strategy if you realize that you can use this companies as point (hub) being closer to your customer! Your customers will definitely appreciate if you will have an entity closer to them, you might later benefit from tax advantages and many others as well. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to open up a company in several jurisdiction without travelling.


For company formation in Hong Kong, Nevada (USA) or UK, please visit our website. This can be done really into a few days with a low budget.

Android developers – Where to register company?

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

As Android application developer you might wonder in which country you should have registered company in order to get paid. Google has published a list of
countries where you should have registered company in order to be able to sell your application. If you are from e.g. India, China or Poland, you should consider where to open up a company!


Startupr can help you with company formation in (Google Checkout merchant countries):


Hong Kong