Offices around the world vs. Marketing strategy

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

A few days ago, we had very interesting phone call from our customer based in France requesting on incorporation in Hong Kong, Nevada (USA) and UK.


We had spoken about the incorporation process and the price policy after a few minutes of discussion, he was claiming that he will use this jurisdictions as good and cheap marketing strategy.


It’s actually smart strategy if you realize that you can use this companies as point (hub) being closer to your customer! Your customers will definitely appreciate if you will have an entity closer to them, you might later benefit from tax advantages and many others as well. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to open up a company in several jurisdiction without travelling.


For company formation in Hong Kong, Nevada (USA) or UK, please visit our website. This can be done really into a few days with a low budget.