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Cyprus the perfect START for International Trade and Investment

Cyprus the perfect START for International Trade and Investment

Type of Company for International Trade and Investment

  • Company Limited by shares which is subdivided into:

(i) Public companies and

(ii) Private companies which are also subdivided into:

– Exempt Private Company

– Limited Private Company

  • Company Limited by guarantee
  • The Partnerships – two general types of Partnerships:

– General Partnership

– Limited Partnership

Cyprus as a part of European Union is considered as one of the most efficient jurisdiction in terms of corporate tax – all companies are subject to a uniform tax rate of 10%, the lowest corporate tax rate in EU. Shipping Company is subject to tax at 4,25% – considered as one of the most competitive shipping center in the world. If your company is wholly foreign owned, a private company is referred to as an International Business Company. English is widely used in commercial and government sectors. There is no legally required minimum amount of issued and paid up share capital of a private limited liability company. Dividends can flow through the Cyprus company totally tax free and the company can be used to take advantage of the extensive network of double tax treaties.

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Malta and tax – Start your company

Malta and tax - Start your company

Malta as a part of European Union (Shengen Agreement and Eurozone) is considered as one of the most efficient jurisdiction in terms of corporate tax. Malta is more relevant jurisdiction when such company needs to trade with other EU companies and North America. All Malta companies pay 35% in income tax on company profits. However, when this profit is distributed in dividends to the shareholders ( which should be every year) then all those shareholders who are not domiciled in Malta are entitled to claim a refund of company tax of 6/7. This means that the net effective tax suffered on company profits is actually 5%. A holding company should be located in a jurisdiction with excellent legal and financial infrastructure as Malta. The tax ensures that repatriation of suffers minimum or no exposure to tax and creates an efficient exit route for the profits of its subsidiaries.


The refund system works very efficiently and the refund is normally in shareholder’s bank account in less than 2 weeks from the company paying the tax due.


The above makes Malta the lowest tax jurisdiction for NON MALTESE  in the whole of the EU.  For this reason Malta have been getting around 5 thousand new companies in Malta every year, mostly set up by European investors who wish to reduce their tax costs.  Tax is in fact a cost that must eventually be reflected in the price. And hence the lower the tax cost, the lower the selling price, and consequently competitivness.
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Starting UP in Singapore

Starting UP in Singapore

In Asia is a lot of opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises to expand a current business model. There are actually 2 locations where you can start your
business! Singapore and Hong Kong! A few reasons why you should start with your business model in Singapore:


Pro-business environment


There is no better choice to start your Asian company than in Singapore! One of the most business friendly climate in Asia. General information you can find here. Set up fee, government fee and the whole process is smooth! Company might be opened into a few days upon receiving the funds. You start invoicing your Asian partners or simply use our address as a branch office. There are not difficult yearly requirements e.g. monthly reporting or difficult business registration and burdens from Singapore government. Hong Kong and Singapore have been ranked past 3 years among 5 most efficient cities (countries) on the world by many internationals ranking agencies!  Singapore is ranked 5th in the world and 1st in Asia for having the least corruption in its economy. Singapore is among the top 3 in foreign trade and investment.


Attractive tax regime


You can refer to SINGAPORE – Tax Exemption Compnay – Startup


Strategic location


Singapore lies at the center of a major sea route connecting the Far East to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, which gives the country its strategic importance.

land area of 637.5 square kilometers (247 square miles), but no land boundaries, and its total coastline is 193 kilometers (120 miles). 

Singapore Exchange 

Singapore is the international capital market in Asia for the listing and trading of bonds and equities. It is also an internationally recognised fund management centre which provides ready funding support for the growth of international companies seeking to raise capital in Singapore. 

Think about to expand your business to Asia and start the company just in Singapore!

Startupr on Facebook and Twitter

Startupr on Facebook and Twitter

Hello, we would like to point out our present on social networks! It would be very nice if you can become our fan on Twitter and Facebook. It’s where we’ll be putting a lot of our updates from our incorporation service. Become our fan on Twitter and Facebook! Our target it’s to become a platform for entrepreneur who would like to spread out knowledge and even more find the way how to cooperate in different business area or just become our fan we will encourage you to become an entrepreneur!

Going public? IPO in Hong Kong

Going public? IPO in Hong Kong

There is a lot of law firms offering the IPO ( Initial Public Offering) assistance, however once you decide to go public be aware that to be listed at the stock it doesn’t qualify you as a successful company admiring by thousands of investors and on the end efficiently traded! Before you go public pay attention to the company who will secure your marketing and awareness among investors. It’s totally the same what you do now in order to be successful in your business model you have to know how to sell with listed shares is the same! Yours company might be well known between competitors and customers using the particular service however between investors it’s just another company coming to raise a capital! Marketing, marketing and again marketing! The process of coming public it’s simple standard procedure how to gain public money and use it for further company development. Law firms are mostly rigid and don’t bring any innovative solution how to sell your shares, that’s why you should be concerned about the way how to let know to investors that your company is really the one who should get the attention! There is many regulations governing the release of information by the company or any of its advisers in connection with an IPO so called “Publicity restrictions” – the regulations governing the release of information in connection with an IPO are contained in the Companies Ordinace, the SFO, guidelines issued by the SFC (Securities and Futures Commission), and the Listing Rules.


Lear more on the webpage of Securities and Futures Commission. Click here for Advertising Guidelines Applicable to Collective Investment Schemes Authorized under the Product Codes.

Internet and Offshore activities through International Business Company in BVI

If you think about to open a offshore company in British Virgin Island (BVI), most like you will chose International Business Company (IBC). Here is a few informations concerning the main facts about British Virgin Island’s company.; while Internet trading and IBC will give you full advantage to use BVI taxation.

IBC – International Business Company
– Companies Limited by Shares – the most popular form of BVI company
– Exempt from income tax and from stamp duty
– Almost all insurance company, mutual and hedge funds and foreign investors and traders use IBC
– No special rules applying to foreign or BVI employees of operations
– No exchange control

One of the most typical nature of business are; sales, export ( without a lading in your country of residence), marketing, web development, software, training, supply of financial services and many others. Not only services though, physical goods might avoid a permanent establishment (taxable presence) altogether in many high-tax jurisdictions.

A few points you should be aware of:
1. Choose the right jurisdiction and company form
– in our case: British Virgin Island and International Business Company, you might have a bank account in some another country if you prefer so
2. Set the technical part
– chose your hosting provider and phone location
3. Your business model
answer your questions: How, where, when and what?!

If you are about to open up a bank account in BVI visit our websites!

What is RAK – offshore company?

Why to open up a company in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Arab Emirates has decided to support the RAK – Ras Al Khaimah –  emirate as a industrial center by introducing many business advantages and tax reliefs. UAE government has launched on offshore facility with an expectation to attract more investors looking for tax haven. Companies seeking for International Business Company in RAK Free Trade Zone don’t have to establish a physical presence. IBS in RAK is the cheapest offshore solution in middle east with the best location situated between Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman. An interesting option for those who concern about the tax haven stigma applying for many tax haven jurisdictions by OECD.

Advantages of a UAE Offshore Company:

100% repatriation of profits and capital is allowed

No withholding nor import or export taxes

No accounting or reporting requirements

No corporate taxes are charged

Advantage of RAK Free Trade zone


Start your own company in offshore emirates RAK of the United Arab Emirates.

Start your business in United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)


Startupr will work with you to handle your RAK Free Zone company formation from start to finish. Download our form and send to us tomas[at]