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Hi, do you remember when I was posting an article about the European Parliament of Enterprises of 2008? Where I had been as a member of European enterprises.


It’s coming soon again. When? 18th of October, 2012.


Contact your chamber of commerce and register your company. I’m not really  sure when is the application deadline for each country however, it’s just a reminder.


by organizer: “For the “European Parliament of Enterprises” EUROCHAMBRES brings together over 750 business men and women, coming from 45 European countries who get a chance to ‘become’ Members of the European Parliament for one day, debating and voting on some of the most crucial topics currently at the heart of the political debate.

more info:


good luck with the application


tomas milar



It has been already 4 years since I have been chosen to represent Czech Republic as the entrepreneur ( 20 in total) in EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT OF ENTERPRISES 2008. It allowed businessmen and businesswomen to become Members of the European Parliament for one day, debate and vote on some of the most crucial topics currently at the heart of the political debate. If you are an entrepreneur one of the EU country and would like to rise your hand and say your opinion in the Hemicycle infront of 750 fellows, send a request to your chamber of commerce. The next event is going to take a place in Brussels during the autumn, 2012.


One of the most important matter for this event is networking and find potential customer or even to start new project! It’s not a vacation or politics its about your company, your deal!


good luck


tomas m

PS: Yes, I did shake with hand of Jose Manuel Barrosso 🙂

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore? Offshore company!

Offshore territory is any jurisdiction except your resident one ( where you currently live) mostly known for the legal, tax and financial benefits or from the company management point of view. It might be UK (not only UK others countries are offshore) once you live in Luxembourg or USA (not only USA others countries are offshore) once you live in China. It’s quite simple isn’t it?


To be offshore in banking industry means to have a bank account in  different country than you reside.


It would be fine to mention what does it mean to be “onshore”. Onshore might be regarded as the jurisdiction where a company is domiciled and in which it pays a significant rate of tax. There is even a term in resource management when founder comes to low cost country (e.g. as China) and will use the advantage of the low labor cost.


Nowadays, I would like to more stress not just the offshore or onshore matter but the globalization taking an effect in trading and IT industry. Tthere is now quite easy way to start your own business with really low costs as was mentioned before e.g.: open International Business Company  in Seychelles + find your product ( good or service) + set up web and launch business into 48 hours.


It’s simple, isn’t it?


If you still don’t understand to the process, how to establish your own company please see our incorporation form for better understanding of the whole Lux incorporation process.

Download our incorporation form and send it to tomas[@]

How to incorporate SA(Limited company) in Luxembourg

How to incorporate SA(Limited company) in Luxembourg

SA (Societe Anonyme) – Limited company, minimum share capital EUR 31,000; requirements include at least 3 directors, a registered office in Lux,and audited accounts if the company exceeds a certain size.


Incorporation process


  1. Company name avaibility & registration – check the company name with Registre de commerce et des societes de Luxembourg;
  2. Minimum share capital (EUR 7.750)(25% of 31.000), open a bank account in Luxembourg and deposite the minimum share capital. A Certificate of Name Acceptability issued by the Trade Register is required, together with a Certificate of Blockage produced by the proposed company’s Luxembourg bankers confirming that the paid capital has been deposited with them; need to explain to the bank the activity of the company
  3. Notary must prove the incorporation;
  4. If you think to incorporate a company without being in Luxembourg, you need to provide power of attorney
  5. Article of association is prepared with the collaboration of the notary
  • The name of the person(s) wishing to form the corporate enity;
  • The address of the Registered Office;
  • The amount and currency of the authorised and issued share capital;
  • Type of shares and classses;
  • Amount of capital paid up;
  • Voting rights and shares;

6.    Names, addressses and nationalities for the proposed directors and auditors.
7.    The Registration and publication of the incorporation of the company with to appropriate authorities is done by the notary
8.    Once the incorporation meeting has been taken, the notary issues the money releasing certificate to money on bank account availale for the company
9.    Incorporation fees are paid by the notary; Government fee risen from incorporation:

  • Company registry: 132,39 EUR
  • Publication fee: 250 EUR
  • Capital tax: 124 EUR
  • Notary fees (gov fees are included): 1.200 EUR

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