Intellectual Property – Trademark: Seychelles

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Typically a trademark application takes 9 to 12 months to be processed and registered in Seychelles.  A trademark registration is for 7 years and may be renewed at the expiration of each period for 14 years thereafter.  A separate registration is required for each individual class.  Total cost for registration of one mark in one class is Euro.949.75 and the cost for the second class filed at the same time is Euro.713.25.  Renewal of one mark in one class is Euro.710.75 and cost for the second class filed at the same time is Euro.436.05.

Upon receipt of instructions and required documents, the application is filed with the Trade Mark Registry, whereby an application number is issued within a week.  The application is processed by the trademark office.  If the application is accepted, a notice of publication is issued.  The notice is published in the Official Gazette in Seychelles.  This is done by us, and the cost of same is covered in our registration fee providing the class specification is no longer than half an A4 page when published.  Opposition proceeding have to be initiated within 2 months from the date of publication in the official Gazette.  An application for the Certificate of Registration is made by our firm after the 2 months.  The term of validity of the trademark takes effect from the date of filing the application.

If you decide to appoint our company as your agent, for any application for registration of a Trade Mark, we require a duly certified authorization of agent duly completed as per attached.  The power of attorney must be submitted with the trademark application.  If you decide to proceed with registration of a trademark, you will need to provide us with eight (8) representations of the mark for each application.  The documents have to be in English or if any other language, must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

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