Seychelles offshore foundations – part II

COI - Certificate Of Incumbency

4.      The practical uses of a Seychelles Foundation

 (a)   Protection of personal wealth from financial and political stability of your domestic jurisdiction.

(b)Estate management, enabling one to plan and distribute the foundation assets through a central management system.

(c)  Tax planning purposes especially for inheritance assets.

(d)Corporate Control is maintained and monitored.

(e)  Employee share option schemes

(f)   Pension benefit plans

(g)  Charity groups


5.    What assets can be held in a Seychelles Offshore Foundation?

 There are several type of assets which can be held in an Offshore Foundation:

 ·         Shares and stocks for private and public companies or corporations

·        Bank deposits, bonds

·        Life Insurance Policies

·        Portfolios of investment plans

·        Real Estate

·        Life Estates

·        Intellectual Property such as Trade Marks, Patents and Copyrights

·        Personal Property

·        Assets of private Foundations

·        Art Collections etc…


6.    Advantages of Seychelles Foundations

 ·         They offer a no tax environment for offshore investors.

·        Seychelles Foundations are exempt from business tax.

·        Very high level of confidentiality and anonymity under Seychelles Law

·        Seychelles Foundations are an excellent corporate asset protection mechanism.

·        Seychelles Foundation can own multiple companies or corporations and assets with no restrictions as to what the assets can be.

·        Payment of reasonable compensation, whereby you are compensated for your services to the Foundation.

·        Can enforce set instructions (wishes) to be carried out in a similar way that a trust deed works.

·        No capital gains tax or taxes on business profits.