How to set up a company in British Virgin Island (BVI)

The whole process of BVI company incorporation might be divided into 4(3) parts:

1. Pre-incorporation

  • Download our order form to understand a company formation requirements (ours and bureau of  BVI – British Virgin Islands)
  • we check the name of your company you want to register on the VIRRGIN System (It’s the name of the online British Virgin Islands incorporation system provided by the government. It’s accessible only with the IP address from BVI in order to protect all data of Companies Registry – VIRRGIN);
  • once you provide us your name, we reserve the name if available for 10 or for 90 days. The 10 day listing is free;
  • advise the client;
  • gather DD and KYC material and run on World Compliance, obtain approval from Due Diligence Officer;
  • obtain Incorporation info, share structure, number and value or no par value.

2. Incorporation

  • Submit the application through online system VIRRGIN to the Companies Registry. Incorporation is usually within 5 business hours;
  • you get the notification e-mail from CR that the company has been incorporated together with an electronic copy of the M and A;
  • save electronically;
  • print and advise client;
  • order seal or apostilled documents for further legal process.

3. Post-incorporation

  • Appoint first director/s, Complete Resolutions, Application for shares, Consent to act as director, and share certificate;
  • collect seal and make Impression;
  • collect Certificate of incorporation and copy. This is normally available about 7 business hours after notification of Incorporation;
  • send all documents and seal to client by courier with account. If other documents are needed urgently send electronically and prepare other documents for release upon return of signed documents from client;
  • await electronic return of signed documents. Upon receipt, open Registers save and print.

4. Bank account opening

  • There are possibilities to open a bank account in BVI or in European Union – Malta, Latvia or Switzerland.
  • It really depends what you chose on the order form – please check out the section for “bank account opening”.

Requirements to register your BVI company:

  • There is no need to be BVI resident in order to open up a company.
  • You need to fill in your particulars (to our application form) and send it to us online, e-mail or by fax.