What documents do I need to open bank account in HSBC Hong Kong

How to chose the offshore bank

Once you open your company in Hong Kong, you will need to check what kind of documents to get in order to ope bank account with HSBC (or in any other bank e.g. Standared Charter, Citibank, China Bank, Hang Seng etc.) bank in Hong Kong. The KYC (Know Your Client) policy is getting tougher therefore you need to be well prepared for the meeting. You should collect following documents to make sure that all is fine with the !


Bank account opening in Hong Kong requires following documents once you:


Company documents for bank account opening in HSBC Hong Kong (prepared by Startupregistry (Limited Company established in Hong Kong)):
– Business Registration Certificate
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
– NC1 form

All of these documents are certified by Company Registry of Hong Kong SAR


Business proof  (following documents should be delivered by you)
Bank needs to know your nature of business whether you have been experienced in that industry you are going to work in therefore they need
some proof of business. (These documents should be delivered by you however they are NOT mandatory.)


– issued/received invoices (once the company is incorporated you can issue any of your future customers, they don’t need to pay you however the bank needs to see that you are serious and have already plan/customers)
– business description ( 1 page where you mention what kind of business you’re going to provide (date,signature, letter head, name of director/shareholder)
– agreements with suppliers (if any)
– bank reference letter (if you have one)
– professional letter (if any)
– Biz certificate & Inc certificate of your previous company (if any)


Personal documents
– passport
– proof of address (any utility bill which shows your address and your name)

Your incorporation service provider.