Register company in BVI – British Virgin Islands

Register company in BVI - British Virgin Islands

If we talk about BVI as the offshore jurisdiction we should consider one of the most typical entity – International Business Company (IBC). IBC takes the form of a private limited company by share. This entity is not engaged in business within the jurisdiction in which it is registered. There is a lot of another offshore jurisdictions which take a place in Seychelles, UAE, Cayman Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Panama or Belize.


Each IBC has own characteristics and provides different advantage, BVI – IBC includes:


- one shareholder and director are required (don’t have to be locals)
- no minimum capital requirement, shares may be nominated in any currency – GBP, USD, EUR
- annual requirement is only to pay government annual fees
- AGM – Annual General Meeting might be hold anywhere on the world
- exemption from local corporate taxation and stamp duty
- wide range of business activities might be provided
- BVI IBC can own shares in other BVI companies
- an option to issue shares in either registered or bearer form


Register your BVI company.