Confirmation Statement to replace Annual Return

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act, announced changes to the information that is to be provided to Companies House annually.

The most significant change is that from the 30th of June, 2016 the Annual Return will be replaced by the Confirmation Statement.


Confirmation Statement

Confirmation Statement is a report of certain company information at the made-up date. Limited company incorporated in the UK must file the Confirmation Statement. The Confirmation statement should be filed 12 months after incorporation and each year after.



Confirmation Statement vs. Annual Return

–       With the Confirmation Statement the company does not have to deliver information that have been provided previously

–       Grace period has been reduced to 14 days

–       No set date when the confirmation statement must be made. Although the period must not exceed 12 months between each confirmation statement

–       The company can file more confirmation statements in one year and will be charged only once



The Confirmation Statement can be filed either by paper or electronically which is quick and easy.