How to chose the offshore bank

How to chose the offshore bank

As was said by our customer, a company without a bank account is not a company. That’s why we have established business relationships with a few banks in Europe and South America. The particular entity has been incorporated to receive a money and operate them.


Not all banks are suitable to all clients. Some offshore banks require substantial minimum account balances, ranging from $5000 to $100’000. Some banks are more suitable for actively trading and startup-business customers, while other banks cater to the specific needs of high-net-worth clients, with an array of wealth management, investment and private banking services.


what you are supposed to pay an attention to once you are about to open up a bank account:

  • Some banks request a personal meeting.
  • Where the bank is placed.
  • Your business activity – e.g. gaming needs special arrangement for bank account opening
  • Initial deposite – e.g. in Barclays Seychelles, it’s 100k USD.
  • What currency is avaible – the best deal is multicurrency bank account
  • Find the best company who will introduce you to the bank – the fastest way how to open up a bank account.
  • Banking Fees.

E.g. Open a company in BVI and open a bank account in Europe AS A SECURE LOCATION.