A Foundation can be dissolved where:

(i)              It is established for a definite period of time and that period expires

(ii)           Its object is fulfilled or becomes incapable of fulfillment as determined by a resolution of councilors, and if so required under the charter or regulations, with the consent of the Foundation’s supervisory person, if any

(iii)           Any term of its charter or regulations so requires

(iv)          It is unable to pay its debts as they fall due; or

(v)           The court order that it be dissolved


A Liquidator must be appointed where a foundation is dissolved.


We require the following prior to commencement of the dissolution:

a)              Resolution of the Councillors appointing the Liquidator to supervise the dissolution of the Foundation

b)             The name and address of the Liquidator

c)              Date of commencement of dissolution



Upon completion of the dissolution we require:

a)     a written statement by the Liquidator confirming the dissolution of the Foundation has been completed

b)    Publication of Notice that the Foundation has been dissolved and struck off the Register in the Official Gazette