PayPal account for Hong Kong Limited Company

One of the easiest way how to obtain the merchant account is to subscribe with Papal. How to get the account? Well, first of all you need to register Hong Kong company and receive company documents: M&A, NC1, Biz certificate and Inc certificate. Once you receive all of them, you can set up your PayPal account.

This is our customer advice how to set up PayPal account for HK Limited company:

“Basically the problem was my poa(Proof of Address). It took them one week and a half to explain it.
Because i was supposed to get two small deposits on the bank account to get the vĂ©rification but they wouldn’t deposit the money… after a few phone calls and emails, i got directly in touch with a member of the staff and he explained me the problem with the poa. He engaged “manual verification procedures” and gave me an email address where i should send my new poa. Thats what i did and i got the confirmation

It took longer than usual but i got it !”