Renewal of Business Certificate in Hong Kong

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

One of the most exciting thing in regards to Hong Kon, it’s the fact that almost all government requirements and payments might be done online.
We are going to talk about the fees and levy of the Business Registration certificate.


According to Inland Revenue Department:
“For registered business, a business registration renewal demand note will be sent by the Business Registration Office approximately 1 month before the current Business Registration Certificate expires. Upon payment, the demand note will become a valid Business Registration Certificate. If you do not receive such a demand note, you should inform the Commissioner in writing within 1 month of the expiry of your current Business Registration Certificate.”


Payment by wire transfer – T/T


How to pay the Business Registration fees via Internet banking?


1. visit:
2. Tax Information – Others
3. Business Registration
4. Payment Methods
5. Payment via Internet
6. “Follow the instruction”

In the e-banking (for our example we use HSBC)

1. Bill Payments
2. Register bills
3. add – Inland Revenue Department
4. than go to – Bill Payments
5. chose as a merchant – Inland Revenue Department
6. Bill Payee Account No. – add – the Business Registration Certificate number
7 in Bill Type chose Business Registration Fee

This might be one of the way how you cut. You will not need to have it done by your company secretary on your behalf. Pay that by yourself!

Bear in mind that it’s mandatory to renew you Hong Kong business certificate every year. You don’t need anyone to do it on your behalf however in order to maintain your company in the order with HK legislation, please keep eye on that.

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