Seychelles International Business Companies (IBS) is one of the fastest IBC registrar in the world. Besides effective incorporation service offers unit trusts and other investment vehicles – recognized as an extraordinary foreign jurisdiction, under a tax efficient environment, introduced by the Mutual Fund & Hedge Fund Act 2008. Mutual Fund & Hedge Fund have been adopted by the Act from 2008 in order to attract an attention for those who would like to open an entity dealing with Professional Funds, Private Funds and Public Funds – ‘Exempt Foreign Funds’.

Main features & Advantages

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•    Zero Taxes
•    Secure offshore banking
•    Confidentiality is guaranteed by law
•    Low government fee at registration, and per annum thereafter
•    No minimum Share Capital required
•    Flexible corporate structure
•    No requirements on an Annual return or accounts

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•    Registered office in Seychelles

Type of entities

IBC Company – International Business Company is a tax-free corporation designed for engagement into all forms of international business.
CSL – Companies Special Licenses are subject to undertake the business of investment management advice and investment service.


Yearly requirements
•    Government fee