Singapore keeps corporate and income tax rates low

Singapore keeps corporate and income tax rates low

The Singapore tax rate is based on a simple system offering rate of 17 %. There are also various tax and auditing tax and audit exemptions for all companies a certain criteria. Dividends and capital gains are tax exempt in Singapore.


One of the most typical business model is IT & trading service company once you decide to found company in Singapore. Why, its easy to manipulate. We always advise to our clients keep the company business structure simple and Singapore is the jurisdiction of that kind.


Requirements for Tax Exempt Company (0% tax – 100% of S$ 100,000 taxable income):
0% tax for new Startup can claim for first three financial years

– must be incorporated in Singapore
– must be a tax resident in Singapore (if the business is exercised in SG)
– can’t have more than 20 shareholders

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