Start your business in Mexico

The United Mexican States –  commonly known as a Mexico have thirty-one states; recognized as 13th largest economy according to nominal GDP; almost every year with export of 50% to USA and Canada.

Principal business entities:
– corporation (Limited) – SA
– Limited Liability Compnay – SRL

Taxes in Mexico are divided into:

Federal Taxes
– Taxes on income
– VAT – value added tax
– Import and Export taxes
– Payroll taxes (payable by employee)

Local taxes
– Real property
– Salaries (payable by employee)
– Acquisitions property, M&A

Corporate taxation
– 17,5 % for 2011
– calendar year for income tax purposes

Withholding tax:
Dividends – not imposed withholding tax on dividends

If you would like to read more about the taxation please visite Deloitte and for incorporation/opening new company Startupr.