The Benefits of Temporary Structures for Your Startup Business

The biggest problem every start-up company faces is simply getting noticed. It’s difficult to

find an industry that doesn’t feel overcrowded at this stage and, even if you feel your

company is both unique and offering a higher quality service than your competitors, it

doesn’t mean anything if nobody knows about it. This is why temporary structures can be a

great way to advertise your business.

Test Locations

Test locations are an ideal way to expand into new areas with little risk. Rather than sign up

to a costly real estate lease, companies like Neptunus can create a temporary store that can be

used for as little as a few months. The building can be constructed to your needs using a

variety of modular and flexible designs. They also offer a variety of options relating to

climate control and sanitation facilities, which means that they work for a variety of

businesses whether they are in need of an office, retail store, or supermarket. The truth is,

even if you’ve done your research, expanding into a new area presents risks. Using a

temporary location allows you to minimise these risks and still reap the benefits of increased


Hosting Events

Hosting an event could be the perfect way to announce your new product to the industry.

However, not only does this require a lot of time to plan—from choosing a date that works

for everybody, finding an appropriate venue, and filling the guest list—it’s also a big

expense. You can save money by using temporary structure that’s custom-built for your

event, whether it’s a small outdoor tent to house a few dozen employees or a large building to

welcome all the major players in your industry. A unique off-site location could be one of the

long-lasting images that your event leaves in your guests’ memories.

Trade Shows

Industry-related trade shows are the ideal platforms to meet potential business partners. Many

shows are also open to members of the public, offering you a direct way to meet individuals

who may already have an interest in the types of services your business provides. Take the

opportunity to hand out business cards, merchandise, or free samples so that your brand stays

with them even after the event is over. With a newfound dependence on technology, many

business owners are left wondering if events like trade shows and conferences have a place in

the contemporary business world. It doesn’t need to be an either/or decision though.

In increasingly competitive industries, a small business needs to take advantage of everything

available to it to have any chance of long-term success. If you’re company is trying to get its

brand into the public consciousness, consider how you can use temporary structures to your