Types of business entity – offshore jurisdictions

There are many types of business entity defined in the legal systems of various countries. Here is some of the suffix that we use;

  1.  Ltd
  2. Ltd.
  3. LTD
  4. LTD.
  5. Limited
  7. S.A.
  8. Inc
  9. Inc.
  10. Incorporated
  11. GmbH


You can use any suffix once you form company (so called IBC – International Business Company) in any following jurisdiction:

Kindly confirm what suffix you want us to use once you register your company name.


E.g.: You chose the name of company: “Partners investment”
you pick one of the suffixes, see the points from: 1 – 11 – we chose “Inc”


the company name might look as: “Partners investment Inc”


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