UK Limited Company – bearer shares

UK Limited by Shares Company

 Advantages of a UK Limited Company:-

 ü       Quick, easy and low cost to setup and maintain

ü       We offer fast company formations/registrations, fastest time of 6 minutes

ü       Average Incorporation time of 2 – 3 hours

ü       The company has a legal existence separate from its management and members (the shareholders)

ü       Members’ liability is limited

ü       The company’s name is protected

ü       The company continues despite the death, resignation or bankruptcy of management and members

ü       Appointment, retirement or removal of directors is straightforward

ü       One man Company (One person can be the Director and Shareholder)

ü       No Residency Requirements


 ·       The Company is required to have a Registered Office Address in the UK (CFS can provide this).

·       You must appoint a minimum of 1 Director and 1 Shareholder, of which 1 director must be an individual.

·       The minimum share capital is £1.00.

·       There is no maximum share capital.

·       The minimum number of shares issued is 1.

You will receive the following documents by email:

ü       Certificate of Incorporation

ü       Memorandum of Association

ü       Minutes of the First Meeting

ü       Fully Written up Company Register

ü       Share Certificates (Required to open a bank account)

ü       Web Filing Code      

ü       Company will be Registered with the UK Tax Authorities

2)      UK Limited Company with Bearer Shares – (Standard Email Package)

Advantages of a Bearer Share Company:-

ü       Same Advantages as a Limited by Shares Company

ü       A Bearer Share company is a company which allows Shareholders to be anonymous. The names of the shareholders are not shown on any documentation.


·       Same requirements as a Limited by Shares Company

You will receive the following documents by email:

ü       Same documents as a Limited by Shares Company

ü       Letter to the Directors requesting Share Warrants

ü       Bearer Share Warrants

ü       Share Warrant Coupons

It is not possible to incorporate a Company with Bearer Shares. The company will be incorporated with a Shareholder.

The Shareholder can be you, but your name will then be recorded at the Company Registrar and also in your Company’s Register.

Immediately after incorporation we will then transfer all the issued shares to Bearer Shares.

 I hope you find the above information useful.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.