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Register company in United Arab Emirate

Register company in United Arab Emirate

Ras Al Kaimah (RAK) is one of the emirat of UAE representing the offshore jurisdiction. RAK  authoity provides International Business Company (IBC) concept from January 2007. Nowadays, it’s the youngest offshore jurisdiction since IBC was founded. Due to this fact, RAK is regarded as one of the top offshore jurisdiction in term of


Why to incorporate in UAE?
– even that RAK is regarded as offshore jurisdiction, this emirates has been modified to secure a local development. On the other hand, typical offshore jurisdiction as Seychelles or BVI have only a tax benefits for that reason many companies have been registered since 2007.
– UAE – RAK has been regarded as country/emirates with special status which is recognized as a white-listed jurisdiction
– RAK has currently signed 52 agreements securing the double tax treaties. Here you can find the full list of double taxation treaties.


What are the advantages?
– exemption from all corporate and income taxes
– no restriction on money exchange
– the cost of setting up a company is lower than an onshore company
– the offshore company can act as holding
– zero corruption and minimum bureaucracy
– strategic location for Middle East & Asian region

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Seychelles as the low cost offshore jurisdiction

Seychelles offshore foundations - part II

If you have wondered what is the cheapest jurisdiction where you can register company, you might be pretty sure that Seychelles is the place where you can get lowest prices. Than it just depends on your perceptions why to use Seychelles jurisdictions. The local banking system doesn’t offer a lot of bank institutions for your company however you still might be interesting in Barclays which we recommend. If you don’t want to use local bank, please see our order list – section bank account services where you can chose banks as HSBC, Bank of Valletta, Loyal Bank or Cim Banque.


What services I should be aware of?


government fee: 100 USD (yearly renewal government fee)
registration fee (incorporation fee): 89
office address fee: 389 USD (mandatory (there is no need of local secretary)


Up to here your company is ready and might be used as an entity once doing business. The status of the company is IBC ( International Business Company) however you still need to receive money once you invoice your client for that purpose you should get Apostilled documents.


Additional services:
Apostilled documents (Memorandum and Articles of association (M&A), Incorporation document, Certificate of Incumbenncy, Certificate of Incorporation & Share Certificates) fee: 175 USD
Nominee director: 600 USD
bank account opening: from 89 USD

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Register company in Sechelles.