Become Startupr partner

Become Startupr partner

Become our partner. The Startupr team is dedicated to transforming company formation and post incorporation criteria so that all entrepreneurs can easily set up and run company remotely in our provided jurisdiction. The Startupr Partnership Program has been created to help partners take advantage of the rapidly expanding markets. People around the world want to register company in different countries and we offer solution to secure responsible partner, lower incorporation cost and ease any obstacles.


Do you want to become our partner? It’s easy to evaluate such an application. We are opened to our customers with our prices and information. Most of the webs (our competitors) trying to hide the information and prices. We do exactly the opposite! We are opened as much as we can. If you share the same ideology, we will be happy to work with you!


Send us:

  • order form for your country the exampel of the order form of Hong Kong jurisdiction download in here. (just for your inspiration and how the structure is supposed to look like)
  • write the a text as we did for Hong Kong: (country description, advantage, yearly requirement, FAQ)
  • you will be monthly asked to write one article from your industry in order to keep informed our customers


  1. Write about yourself. What you currently do (company, website, employee, business owner, etc.).?
  2. Any information which could help us decide to choose you.
  3. Any ideas or plans you can personally do to increase Startupr business?

The evaluation is simple, we can say how well you understand to our customer policy once you send us the required information mentioned above. Study the order form as well as our website and come up with the same structure for your country/jurisdiction. The best preparation will be chosen for the next round.


This is a wonderfull business opportunity – the world is transmitting to become one big market!

If you are interested  please send us the information at: tomas[at] and then upgrade for Partner program.

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