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Most of the Company Registry (Ireland, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA – Nevada, BVI, Seychelles, etc.) offers the online system company formation Startupr has become the HK registered agent able to open up a company into 20 minutes. We were up late night to register company in Hong Kong.


the process was as follow:


03.55am -> we receive notification from HSBC about the payment from our customer
04.00am -> payment verification
04.05am -> company formation process (registration) finished 04.15am
04.10am -> notification from the Companies Registry (it takes usually 50min to get the company officially approved) – received Business Certificate and Incorporation Certificate


total (time): 20 min


following morning documents compilation: Share certificate (NC1), Business Certificate, Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articals of Association (M&A) and dispatched them to our client.


Customer response: “Tomas, the best company formation service ever!!!! I was really surprised that you have promised 24 hours time and now I see that’s reality!!!!”


Yours Startupr

Online Hong Kong Company formation

HONG KONG government company incorporation fees

How can we offer one of the fastest incorporation services?

It will take 2 hours to get your company done once we get the order and payment.

How? Read more:
If we receive the order and payment before 10AM (HKT), we will process it into 60 minutes. Then we submit the application through online system to the Companies Registry (CR) (The Government office of the Hong Kong SAR) for 24-hour processing. It usually takes up-to 2 hours from the online submission to get the Companies Registry (CR) notification of incorporated company. Now, you get an email with e-documents (Business certificate and Incorporation certificate with the company number, we will get this email as well). This is the moment when you can start using your company. You get the company registration number and business certificate. We order for you the incorporation documents (NC1form (shares certificate), Memorandum and Articles of Association, Incorporation certificate)  in order to open the bank account. Once we receive the notification Companies Registry (CR), we send(email) you documents to be signed and dispatched to us. You might get the document next day if you chose expedited courier service (We don’t guarantee processing time by Company Registry(CR), Post service or DHL). But still I don’t think you will find anyone with better system in Hong Kong.

Your startupr.

What documents are needed for HSBC bank account – Hong Kong


How to chose the offshore bank

Once you open your company in Hong Kong, you will need to check what kind of documents to get in order to ope bank account with HSBC in Hong Kong.

Documents for bank account opening in HSBC Hong Kong:
– Business Registration Certificate
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
– NC1 form

HSBC (Hong Kong) business bank account opening:
Limited Company established in Hong Kong
Limited Company established Overseas

Startupr – Your incorporation service provider.

Doing business in Hong Kong


Doing business in Hong Kong

A lot of customers who haven’t decided yet ask why to incorporate company in Hong Kong?


There is a few pros why you should register business in HK:


  • Global location of the world’s largest companies – No 1. city with the highest number of international companies present.
  • Ranked among the top 5 global business center
  • Inward investment from Asia’s economies, particularly the rapidly expanding Chinese market.
  • Hong Kong as the opened economy, with limited restrictions on foreign investment, and a low tax environment.
  • Max rates of corporate and personal income tax 16,5% and 15%. There is no tax on sales, capital gains or dividends.
  • The access of four main markets: China, Singapore, Malaysia and India.
  • Highly skilled and very international labour pool in HK
  • One of the most efficient banking system


Our first GIG video – Incorporate online Hong Kong company

Startupr is an incorporation service which gives you a possibility to start your business anywhere on the world. We offer you over 20 jurisdiction + whole USA (50 states) if you are about to start business with low cost strategy we offer you a company formation, your address and all amdministration support you need to run your business remotely. There is a few jurisdiction where we can open up a company into 10 minutes upon receiving your payment. Company formation in Hong Kong is one of the example!

Startupr has become the Registered Agent of the Hong Kong CR

Hello, we are happy to announce you that Startupr has become officially the Registered Agent of the Company Registry (CR) system in Hong Kong.
Again closer to our customers and ability to work better for you.


Check out who else has become the registered agent – our competitors J. Startupr’s number is 1095.


Here you can check out the list of Registered Agent (RA).

Thank you for your cooperation! For the Hong Kong company Incorporation please visit our websites.


your Startupr team J

The Best Countries for Starting a Business

The Best Countries for Starting a Business has been released a new article on where is the easiest process to start a business. One of the most attractive places in regards to company incorporation. In some jurisdiction it’s just a matter of a few days in another one it might last a few weeks. Take your time if you are about to open up a business in another jurisdiction than you are based. However bear in mind that there is every-time an issue with documents needed  for a company incorporation.


Here is the list:
1) New Zealand
2) Australia
3) Canada
4) Singapore
5) Hong Kong
6) Macedonia
7) Georgia
8) Rwanda
9) Belarus

Offices around the world vs. Marketing strategy

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

A few days ago, we had very interesting phone call from our customer based in France requesting on incorporation in Hong Kong, Nevada (USA) and UK.


We had spoken about the incorporation process and the price policy after a few minutes of discussion, he was claiming that he will use this jurisdictions as good and cheap marketing strategy.


It’s actually smart strategy if you realize that you can use this companies as point (hub) being closer to your customer! Your customers will definitely appreciate if you will have an entity closer to them, you might later benefit from tax advantages and many others as well. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to open up a company in several jurisdiction without travelling.


For company formation in Hong Kong, Nevada (USA) or UK, please visit our website. This can be done really into a few days with a low budget.

Android developers – Where to register company?

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

As Android application developer you might wonder in which country you should have registered company in order to get paid. Google has published a list of
countries where you should have registered company in order to be able to sell your application. If you are from e.g. India, China or Poland, you should consider where to open up a company!


Startupr can help you with company formation in (Google Checkout merchant countries):


Hong Kong

3rd registered company in Hong Kong will get a bonus of 50 US$

3rd registered company in Hong Kong will get a bonus of 50 US$

Hello to all of you, we have come up with an idea to reward 3rd company applying for a company registered in Hong Kong.


Only for company registration in Hong Kong!