COI – Certificate Of Incumbency

COI - Certificate Of Incumbency

COI – Certificate Of Incumbency is document which gather all information about the company as (Shareholders, Directors, Number of Shares, Type of Shares, Secretary, Name of Company, Number of Company, Registered Office, The Fianancial year of the comapany). It actually gives the updated information about the company.


Why Apostilled COI?


Every bank requires apostilled COI in order to see that the documents are according to the Company Ordinance of the particular jurisdiction.Once your agent/company secretary issues your COI, please make sure you will get apostille in order to be able to use it in another Jurisdictions accepting the Apostille Hague treaty from 1961.


A Certificate of Incumbency has various other names; it is also known as an Incumbency Certificate, a Certificate of Officers, an Officer Certificate, a Register of Directors, and as a Secretary Certificate.


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