Company formation in Germany

Dear Customer,

We would be happy to incorporate your German company for you.


Please find in here order form for a German limited liability company (a Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt), abbreviated: UG); this order form also includes the costs for the foundation of such company which is in total USD 3,200 covering all foundation costs. The initial registered capital would be EUR 1,600 as this makes sure that all initial foundation costs for the company and the running costs for the first year (like bank fees, etc.) are covered and the company does not require funding immediately after foundation for the initial costs.

The process through which your company will be incorporated is as follows:

  1. You complete the order form and send it to Tomas at startupr (; cc: to me (
  2. You will then receive the invoice for the incorporation
  3. After payment of the invoice has been made, we will start the incorporation process
  4. Once we have notarized the incorporation of the company, we – if you wish – open a bank account
  5. Once the company has been registered in the commercial register, we notarize the transfer of all shares to you
  6. You will in writing authorize the transfer of all shares to you
  7. We then provide you with the draft shareholders resolution to appoint yourself or a person determined by you as managing director (resolution in writing)
  8. You or the person determined by you will have to sign the filing of the new managing director in notarized form at a German notary
  9. I will withdraw as managing director of the company after you or the person appointed by you has been registered in the commercial register.

All in all, this process usually takes – depending on the quickness of the commercial register, the bank and you or the person determined by you notarizing the filing to the commercial register – up to three weeks.

Still the company is operational once the foundation deed has been notarized.

Alternatively, as you are in Berlin, you can complete the foundation process or certain parts of it – as you wish – yourself.

If so, we can consult you throughout this process. Please let us know if this would be your preferred option.

If you’re interested to get holding company for your German entity, you might be interested to set up your company in Hong Kong.

Kind regards, Startupr