Guide on Incorporating a Company Limited by Shares in British Virgin Island

Business and Company registration – process


1. Name – think about a name of your company and we will reserve it for you

  •     Propose us 3 different names, find more in “User Guide No.2 – Company Names.“  You can use even foreign character (Latin alphabet).
  •     If you don’t chose a name, the Registry will automatically give you its BVI company number which will have a format “BVI company number 111111”.
  •     Chose appropriate ending “Limited” or “Ltd.”
  •     You can change a name anytime you want for 50 USD of Government fees.
  •     Due to the territorial limit of access in on-line registration (search) platform we have to do it for you.

2. Decide where the company’s registered office will be

  •     Every company has to have the registered office in the BVI.
  •     You can use your own address or use ours.

3. The Memorandum and Articles

  • The memorandum of association – records the agreement of the first subscribers to form a company under the 2004 Act. The founders of the Company must fill our form and the memorandum of association and state the number of shares they want.
  • The Article of association – is a must in order to comply with the 2004 Act. The articles specify the more detailed rules for the company internal management.
  • Before we incorporate, we have to have prepared the memorandum and articles. We will do all for you once you provide us all necessary information.

4. Decide who is going to be the directors and shareholders

  • Every company has to have at least one shareholder and one director (it might be the same person)

5. Now we are able to incorporate

  • We will take responsibility to form a company on your behalf.
  • Application forms need to be submitted:

o    The memorandum of association
o    The articles of association
o    A certificate from the registered agent (from us)


Government FEES:


The fees for incorporation of company (limited by shares – most common):


Where the company is authorized to issue less than 50,000 shares   350 US$
Where the company is authorized to issue more than 50,000 shares 1,100 US$


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