Think about the company name before you start

A company name is generally made up of THREE parts:

  • distinctive element
  • descriptive element
  • legal ending

Distinctive element is a must it might be even a number. Next part of the name is descriptive element which might help customer to recognize the product or service providing by the company however some companies choose not to have descriptive element.
In the name ” Cheops mineral water, Inc.”, the word “Cheops” is distinctive element; the word(s) “mineral water” refers to descriptive elements and the “Inc.” is the legal ending. The legal ending recognize the type of entity. Incorporation, Corporation and limited are abbreviated as follow; Inc., Corp., Ltd.


Now, you know how to come up with distinguishable name for your customers.


Each jurisdiction has another type of abbreviation. If you want to check out the type of companies which you might incorporate, please visit and find out more for each location.