Hong Kong – bank account opening

What documents are needed for HSBC bank account - Hong Kong

Past a few days, we have been receiving an emails in regards whether we are able to open up a bank account without yours present in  Hong Kong HSBC.
The answer is yes/no. Our clients were referring to the other incorporation porviders which claim that they can do it. According to HK law there is no way to avoid a duty of being present once opening the business bank account with any bank in Hong Kong.




Here is the statement from HSBC commercial center: “Please be advised that face to face meeting with the director(s) or ultimate beneficiary owner(s) of the applicant company is/are required for HK account opening”.


you can open up a business bank account without being in Hong Kong however you need to visit the nearest HSBC business center in order to sign and verify documents. For that purpose please contact us and we will discuss this possibility with HSBC relationship manager who will provide us with relevant information.


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