How does the Know Your Client – KYC look like?

Once you’re spetting up a comany or opening bank account, you might be asked to provide the following documents:

1.       Any corporation Agreements

2.       Certificate of incorporation (notarized)

3.       Certificate of Incumbency no older then 3 months (notarized)

4.       Appointment of first directors (notarized)

5.       Power of attorney (notarized)- if any

6.       Scan of the passport (notarized) or personal ID

7.       Proof of address (any utility bill or invoice carrying name and address of  the person (electricity, phone bill, bank statement)

8.      Beneficial owner agreement if any plus  points 6 and 7

9.       W8 form – if you provide any financial services

10.   KYC (know your client) questioner

Please let us know if you need any help to collect any of these documents.