Three Top Tips for Keeping Your Startup Business Safe

As a business owner, your employees are the greatest assets available to you. Handpicked and able, they’ll be beside you every step of the way on your road to success.


It’s only fair, then, that you repay them for this favour by taking care of them. This not only means securing the future of your business and their continued employment but also, more literally, keeping them safe in the workplace. Increased health and safety procedures have gone a long way towards helping employers in this regard, but there is still more that you, as an individual, can do.


If you want to do the best by your workers, here are three top tips to help you ensure that they’re as safe as can be whilst they’re on your watch.


#1: Educate Your Employees on Health and Safety and Company Protocol


The best way to keep your employees safe during working hours is to help them to help themselves. Health and safety protocols exist to regulate every industry, but it’s not enough simply to have them in place; they also need to be accessible. Make sure that you have printed signs dotted around your workspace, and that more in-depth guidance is available on your company website. You could go even further than this and offer workshops or presentations on these guidelines, to ensure that your workers know how to keep themselves and each other safe at all times.


#2: Provide First Aid Training


Most industries will be required to provide some medical training to a set number of workers, but we recommend that you take this a step further. Basic medical skills are useful for all staff members, so that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Thus, as well as offering your employees guidance on avoiding accidents and injury, it’s a good idea to have a few appointed representatives that are able to provide first aid training to all members of staff. It’s also useful to have a couple of employees – usually those who provide this training to other staff members – whose medical skills are more comprehensive, to ensure that any problems or accidents that do arise can be dealt with immediately.


#3: Provide All Necessary Safety Equipment


Finally, always make sure that your staff members are fully outfitted with any necessary safety equipment. Again, certain industries will be very specific with regards to the items that must be provided, but even where such stringency is not required, it should still be practiced. This means that hard hats should be available in any situation that poses a risk of head injury, gloves should always be provided where there is a chance that toxic or irritating materials will need to be handled, and lifting equipment, available from companies like Handling Equipment Online, should be made available to avoid handling heavy loads.


Follow these top tips today to keep your staff members safe in the workplace.