Online bank account opening platform

How to chose the offshore bank

Hi, our Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles offices are working to launch an online bank account opening platform which is going to cut down all the ridiculous prices for all of our customers and customers of our competitors. There will be a few services which will help you to apply for a bank account than a small introduction of the bank products and first of all the registration online form! This should help you to save your time! We can see how many emails are necessary in order to open up bank account. Don’t worry we will try to work on it and bring you solution and make it smooth for all of us!

How is going to work?


Startupr has a partnership with a few banks which handl the account opening differently. Most of our clients don’t really know which kind of documents need to be applied and informations fill in. This platform is going to provide the exchange information tool which is going to fasten the whole process!


We can’t wait any longer to launch it!


Your’s Startupr team.