The Big different between the Big consulting firm and Startupr


I was trying to reach one of the consultant of XoXo Big firm. My email was about the particular case in Singapore the request is not that important how the last answer (I couldn’t believe that!):


Hi Tomas


Thanks for your reply and for reaching out to us with your request.
However, as you are presently not a XoXo client, we regret that we are unable to assist.                                                                                            
I wish you all the best and a nice day ahead.
Best regards




We do really care about our customers and we are NOT presently regret that you contact us :-)! If you are not sure where to start your company, consider the following questions:
1) Where are you located (your company) now?
2) The company you intend to open up is it separate entity or it’s a branch?
3) Purpose of company?
4) Where the company is going to operate (the main source of income)?
5) Yours tax residency (for double tax agreement). e.g. Ff you are British and would you like to incorporate comp in HK – there is double tax agreement between governments.


Your Startupr team.