Open offshore company (IBC – International Business Company) in Panama


The Republic of Panama known as Panama has the largest shipping (register a boat, ship, yacht or other marine vessel) and maritime registry in the world. The biggest reason is the easy way how proceed the registration and very low government fees. International Business Companies (IBC) is commonly used for stock trading, real estate, boats, and air crafts. The income tax of Panama IBC applies for companies operating a business within the Panama territory where the net income derived. Income derived from outside of the territory is not considered as subject – not taxable of local Law.

– The oldest and largest open ship registry
– Strategic geographical position for your business
– Ships with owners of any nationality
– No requirements for annual tax return or financial statement

– no tax on Offshore Profits
– min number of shareholders – on
– min number of directors – three (Startupr can provide 2 directors)
– company secretary required
– no local director is needed
– no annual return and accounts filling is required
– minimum annual tax/license fee of 250 US$

If you are about to open your offshore company with Startupr, please feel free to download an order form and send it to: tomas[at]