UK Limited Company – Corporation Tax

Singapore - Tax resident or non-resident?

– company incorporated (resident companies) in the UK (or Foreign) is subject to corporation tax at prevailing rates on their worldwide income (capital and ordinary income)
– company being recognized as a branch (non-resident company carrying on a trade in the UK) is taxed on the income of a branch carrying on a business in the UK and on United Kingdom sourced investment income.
– if you nominate yourself as a director, you will need to pay tax on your salary (subject of all incomes derived from company – benefits in kind, dividend income and other income) and operate PAYE and National Insurance.
– from April 2011 – for accounting periods after 31 March 2010 – all Company Tax Returns must be filed online and payment proceed electronically.


Once you set up Limited Company:
– inform HMRC about your activity (form CT41G) this form you can find:
–  tax return is supposed to be completed of the end of the accounting period. fill it online at:
– fill and pay the corporation tax
– operate PAYE for employee’s as well as for directors’s income


Corporation Tax
– pay your Corporation Tax before the deadline to file your Company Tax Return


e.g. Lets say your company’s financial year began on 1st of April 2011 to 31st of March 2012, and your accounting period is the same than you have to pay your Corporation Tax for that period by 1st of January 2013 and file your Company Tax Return for that period by 1st of April 2013.


Bear in mind, it’s your responsibility to fill and pay all tax returns on the time. Many people choose to use an accountant in order to manage this. You might get a basic help at


Corporation Tax Rates
Taxable Profits Year 2011
Profit not exceeding £ 300,000 20%
300,001  – 1,500,000 Margin relief fraction 3/200*
On profits over $ 1,500,000 26%

* How to calculate marginal relief please visite HMRC.