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What is a representative office?

COI - Certificate Of Incumbency

Representative office is set up by a foreign company to engage in business liaison in the selected country/jurisdiction or to enable clients to visit an domestic office where the main office is abroad.

However, it is not allowed for the office to be directly involved in operational activities. In general, a representative office can be established before an company formation, as the first step to enter local market and test the business environment in that particular country/jurisdiction.

Representative offices are usually easier to establish than a branch or subsidiary, as they are not used for actual “business” (e.g. sales) and therefore there is less incentive for them to be regulated.

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China & Hongkong – Offshore

Beijing plans for HK-Mainland Offshore Drive: Beijing’s top planning agency is drafting a raft of measures to encourage mainland firms to use Hong Kong as a springboard for offshore investment. Measures would include encouraging more mainland firms to list in Hong Kong and issue yuan-denominated bonds in the city to finance overseas projects, and to encourage mainland firms to set up operations in Hong Kong specifically for overseas investment. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will support joint investment by mainland and Hong Kong firms in overseas infrastructure, mining, energy, high-tech, advanced manufacturing, and logistics projects via equity investment, M&A, and greenfield investment (SCMP).

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Ireland company formation

Ireland company formation

Who can form an Irish company?
Citizenship – Anyone can form an Irish company. You should however provide at least two directors and one Secretary (one of the directors must be a resident of the (EU) European Union). Startupr will provide you one EU director (just for nominal purpose) and Secretary (just for nominal purpose). Our Director and Secretary don’t have any management or responsible role in the Irish company.


Registered address – You must however provide a physical location (registered office address) for the company in Ireland. Startupr will provide you with our registered address.


These two criteria are the main requirements. You can next proceed with the filling of our application form – download here (it will take you about 15min to fill in all particulars) and send it us for perusal. Once we receive payment and your application, it will take up-to 3-5 working days to get your company ready to use.


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Startup Weekend Mongolia – Our lucky winners

Startup Weekend Mongolia - Our lucky winners

We are happy to announce lucky winners – company Styletto LLC from Ulaanbaatar. They have won the price of company formation in UK + prestige address prepared for one year.


Startupr is serious about to support entrepreneurs around the world and help to increase the number of formatted companies.


Do you organize SW or any entrepreneur events? Please let us know and we will support you!


We are focus on company formation and strongly believe in global business even you are small company.



FAQ – Can I have a bank account in another country?

from our mailbox  –  FAQ (our responses in green):


Hi Tomas,


Thanks for the quick reply. A few questions:
  • if I appoint a secretary, what’s the advantage of a nominee director? Could I just name my partner as second director?
you can open the bank account remotely, you will NOT need to come to EU
  • in why cases would I need my documents to be certified by apostille?
in case you will use the company documents in different jurisdiction
  • can I have a bank account in another country?
yes, you can as far as your documents follow bank’s requirements, you should ask bank about the requirements for bank account opening by non domestic entity. 





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Definition of small business…

Register company in Sweden yes/no

Do you know ? Startupr become a member of Quora Group. We have put a few questions on the board in regards to the further startup community development in different countries around the world – all questions are answered by the experienced people. We are mostly interesting in our sector of company incorporation therefore we appreciate if you can help to answer our question and meanwhile to become the member.


Here is the Startupr account:


Company formation in Sweden – how difficult is it? How do you feel about to open and run business in Sweden?


Here is the whole answer from Quora:


I ran a small recruiting agency for creative professionals until 2001, but had to shut it down after the whole thing went bust. Still, I found it quite easy to set up, run and make good money. There’s lots of talented, responsible and ethical Swedes out there to employ and we did quite well for several years.


If you do set up a business you’ll have to price things in accordance with the Swedish tax system, compensation expectations and general culture of Sweden in order to make money. If you’re used to another system it might take a while to figure these things out, but it’s the way things work there and for the most part, it works quite well.


If you have the right product or service and make the right business moves setting up a successful business in Sweden is definitely doable.


To see the question page with all answers, visit:

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Renewal of Business Certificate in Hong Kong

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

One of the most exciting thing in regards to Hong Kon, it’s the fact that almost all government requirements and payments might be done online.
We are going to talk about the fees and levy of the Business Registration certificate.


According to Inland Revenue Department:
“For registered business, a business registration renewal demand note will be sent by the Business Registration Office approximately 1 month before the current Business Registration Certificate expires. Upon payment, the demand note will become a valid Business Registration Certificate. If you do not receive such a demand note, you should inform the Commissioner in writing within 1 month of the expiry of your current Business Registration Certificate.”


Payment by wire transfer – T/T


How to pay the Business Registration fees via Internet banking?


1. visit:
2. Tax Information – Others
3. Business Registration
4. Payment Methods
5. Payment via Internet
6. “Follow the instruction”

In the e-banking (for our example we use HSBC)

1. Bill Payments
2. Register bills
3. add – Inland Revenue Department
4. than go to – Bill Payments
5. chose as a merchant – Inland Revenue Department
6. Bill Payee Account No. – add – the Business Registration Certificate number
7 in Bill Type chose Business Registration Fee

This might be one of the way how you cut. You will not need to have it done by your company secretary on your behalf. Pay that by yourself!

Bear in mind that it’s mandatory to renew you Hong Kong business certificate every year. You don’t need anyone to do it on your behalf however in order to maintain your company in the order with HK legislation, please keep eye on that.

For new HK company formation click here.

Hope, it helps! If you still need any help, please let me know on:

Belize online company formation within 24 hours

Belize online company formation within 24 hours !

Name reservation immidiatelly once we get the company name! It might take around 2 hours to reserve the company name once we will get the company name through email or phone call. Send us the company name you want to register.

e.g.: “Your company name Ltd.”

How long does it take to form an IBC?

A Belize IBC is incorporated within 24 hours. We will deliver to you incorporation documents via courier. Courier and logistics are of advanced country standard. It usually takes around 3 working days to deliver all company documents.

It might take around 2 hours to reserve the company name once we will get the company name through email or phone call.


Startupr has the access to the Registered Agents Center due to this fact we are able to register the company that fast:


The process is straight forward and we will need just a few of your information:


First Name*:


Last Name*:


Passport No.*:


Passport Issuing Country*:


Street and City*:






No. of Shares*:


Will he/she be a director or shareholder?


This is the company formation particulars we need to register a company in Belize.

In what languages can an IBC be incorporated?


A Belize IBC can be incorporated in any language (provided a properly translated English version is also submitted). We do not impose extra charge on bilingual Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association.

You can download the order form directly in here!

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Starupr, Windows, Google as a sponsors of Startup Weekend Beirut

Starupr, Windows, Google  as a sponsors of Startup Weekend Beirut has become traditionally the sponsor of a several Startup events in general. We are happy to see that our logo has appeared between one of the most interesting companies on the world. Google, Microsoft and is between these two.


It’s just a small piece of work we do here in startupr and we do really appreciate and being honored that we have a chance to become part of big sponsor family.


Startupr is striving to offer the international company formation platform and to solve the first stage of the company setting up.


Startup Weekend is the gathering and brainstorming event supporting the further company incorporation.


By organizers:

Did you know that Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. Visite our website and join our community!


We have a few news in regards to company formation. We are really trying by hard to become the fastest company formation provider. Watch our news/blog.


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