Customer Testimonial II. – Europasian Trading & Consulting Corporation Ltd

As I was too busy to travel to Hong Kong and look after the whole business registration process of a new company by myself, I decided to go through an incorporation service agency that would handle everything for me. Being in the internet era, this remote solution made sense. But still had I have to find the right and reliable people. What attracted me first about Startupr was its promise to get the incorporation done in a record time with the Hong Kong e-Registry which facilitates the electronic submission of applications. Within 24 hours if wanted. I like efficient and technologically up-to-date services, it’s often a sign that you’re dealing with serious people. I chat online with Tomas Milar who very professionally answered all my questions. I decided to go with him. Well, the truth is that once I filled out all the required documents and sent them back by mail, it took 6 hours to incorporate my Company. I was just amazed !!! My satisfaction was high because I really needed the company to be incorporated very quickly before attending a summit in China. Startupr promised it, and did it. Fees are competitive and the relationship with Startupr doesn’t stop with the incorporation. The staff can assist you with local administrative tasks and Tomas will always be there if you need to expand your business. What more do you need ?


Europasian Trading & Consulting Corporation is mainly involved in the international trade of commodities and raw materials.Oil Petroleum, Coltan, Gold, to name but a few. We handle the trading operations or act as facilitators depending on the nature of deals, suppliers, geopolitical situation. Our sources are located in North, West and Central Africa where our connections with governments and high officials enable us to get direct access to almost any kind of commodities. Initially sales were directed to Europe but we now want to expand towards Asia. This is why we opened a branch in Hong Kong. We strongly believe in a future of booming exchanges and cooperation between Africa and Asia. Some African countries might still seem unstable but it is now the right time to establish stronger and more consistent business relationships between these two economic poles. Our activity of consulting for African Countries is actually growing very fast. African countries needs a lot of industrial investments and they desperately look for efficient solutions and reliable partners to achieve their development goals. Our mission as consultants is to assist them in finding the right ones.
Europasian Trading & Consulting Corporation Ltd