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Uses of Offshore Companies I.

International trading is based on the low cost production or the uniqueness of the product and selling them in another country. Most of the time trading companies are based in the free or lower tax jurisdiction in order to minimize the cost. Even the tax might be consider as a cost once the final price increases with the imported goods if your company is based in the jurisdiction with high taxation.

Forming trading company in Seychelles, BVI, Singapore or Hong Kong has a several tax benefits and lower administration burden than most of the jurisdiction.

It can be said that there are 2 main reasons why to have an offshore trading company:
– tax purpose and;
– bureaucracy of keeping an accounting (raises costs).

Most of the profits will be retained by the new trading company (being incorporated in the new jurisdiction) that would otherwise be lost in taxation to authorities at the original jurisdiction of the trading operation.


LLC Limited Liability Company – How do we call LLC in different countries ?

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

LLC – Limited Liability Company is a business organization of one or more persons ,owners have limited personal liability for the debts and actions of the LLC. The owners of an LLC are “members” rather than shareholders or partners. Most countries also permit “single member” LLCs, those having only one owner. There is no maximum number of members.


Companies with limited liability exist in business law worldwide. We will pick up a few of them:



Seychelles offshore foundations – part II

COI - Certificate Of Incumbency

4.      The practical uses of a Seychelles Foundation

 (a)   Protection of personal wealth from financial and political stability of your domestic jurisdiction.

(b)Estate management, enabling one to plan and distribute the foundation assets through a central management system.

(c)  Tax planning purposes especially for inheritance assets.

(d)Corporate Control is maintained and monitored.

(e)  Employee share option schemes

(f)   Pension benefit plans

(g)  Charity groups


5.    What assets can be held in a Seychelles Offshore Foundation?

 There are several type of assets which can be held in an Offshore Foundation:

 ·         Shares and stocks for private and public companies or corporations

·        Bank deposits, bonds

·        Life Insurance Policies

·        Portfolios of investment plans

·        Real Estate

·        Life Estates

·        Intellectual Property such as Trade Marks, Patents and Copyrights

·        Personal Property

·        Assets of private Foundations

·        Art Collections etc…


6.    Advantages of Seychelles Foundations

 ·         They offer a no tax environment for offshore investors.

·        Seychelles Foundations are exempt from business tax.

·        Very high level of confidentiality and anonymity under Seychelles Law

·        Seychelles Foundations are an excellent corporate asset protection mechanism.

·        Seychelles Foundation can own multiple companies or corporations and assets with no restrictions as to what the assets can be.

·        Payment of reasonable compensation, whereby you are compensated for your services to the Foundation.

·        Can enforce set instructions (wishes) to be carried out in a similar way that a trust deed works.

·        No capital gains tax or taxes on business profits.

How to set up a company in British Virgin Island (BVI)

The whole process of BVI company incorporation might be divided into 4(3) parts:

1. Pre-incorporation

  • Download our order form to understand a company formation requirements (ours and bureau of  BVI – British Virgin Islands)
  • we check the name of your company you want to register on the VIRRGIN System (It’s the name of the online British Virgin Islands incorporation system provided by the government. It’s accessible only with the IP address from BVI in order to protect all data of Companies Registry – VIRRGIN);
  • once you provide us your name, we reserve the name if available for 10 or for 90 days. The 10 day listing is free;
  • advise the client;
  • gather DD and KYC material and run on World Compliance, obtain approval from Due Diligence Officer;
  • obtain Incorporation info, share structure, number and value or no par value.

2. Incorporation

  • Submit the application through online system VIRRGIN to the Companies Registry. Incorporation is usually within 5 business hours;
  • you get the notification e-mail from CR that the company has been incorporated together with an electronic copy of the M and A;
  • save electronically;
  • print and advise client;
  • order seal or apostilled documents for further legal process.

3. Post-incorporation

  • Appoint first director/s, Complete Resolutions, Application for shares, Consent to act as director, and share certificate;
  • collect seal and make Impression;
  • collect Certificate of incorporation and copy. This is normally available about 7 business hours after notification of Incorporation;
  • send all documents and seal to client by courier with account. If other documents are needed urgently send electronically and prepare other documents for release upon return of signed documents from client;
  • await electronic return of signed documents. Upon receipt, open Registers save and print.

4. Bank account opening

  • There are possibilities to open a bank account in BVI or in European Union – Malta, Latvia or Switzerland.
  • It really depends what you chose on the order form – please check out the section for “bank account opening”.

Requirements to register your BVI company:

  • There is no need to be BVI resident in order to open up a company.
  • You need to fill in your particulars (to our application form) and send it to us online, e-mail or by fax.


Can I open up a company in…(any country)?

What does it mean an offshore or being an offshore?  Offshore company!

Past a few days we have got the same question from our customers in regards to company formation in foreign countries whether is possible as a foreigner open a company e.g. in UK, Singapore Hong Kong, Ireland, BVI etc. The answer is ‘Yes’. There is no such a requirements from local governments to be resident once you register company in foreign country.


If you are a resident in India, Russia or USA, you can open up a company in Ireland or Hong Kong. All you need to do is to accomplish the KYC – Know Your Client requirements. In our (Startupr) case it’s copy of passport and banks requirements 2 copy of utility bills.


Your Startupr

Startup Weekend in Nice Sophia – Antipolis

Startup Weekend in Nice Sophia - Antipolis

We are happy to announce Startupr has become a sponsor of the Startup Weekend in Nice Sophia – Antipolis.

About Startup Weekend (by organizers) in Nice Sophia – Antipolis.

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Startupr is proud to support Startup events/weekends.


We have found out the way how to open up a company in Czech Republic – ALL ONLINE. It’s quite simple and straightforward. What you have to do is to file the application to us and the rest will be taken care of. Send it to: tomas[at]

Online company formation in Czech Republic

Online company formation in Czech Republic

Hi, I have good news for you! We have found out the way how to open up a company in Czech Republic – ALL ONLINE. It’s quite simple and straightforward. What you have to do is to file the application to us and the rest will be taken care of. We are quite happy to announce this progress. All of you know how is difficult to open your business entity as a citizen of EU or foreigner once you’re setting up in another EU country. Now you have a chance to start in EU/Czech Republic. You can download order form here.

Online Hong Kong Company formation

HONG KONG government company incorporation fees

How can we offer one of the fastest incorporation services?

It will take 2 hours to get your company done once we get the order and payment.

How? Read more:
If we receive the order and payment before 10AM (HKT), we will process it into 60 minutes. Then we submit the application through online system to the Companies Registry (CR) (The Government office of the Hong Kong SAR) for 24-hour processing. It usually takes up-to 2 hours from the online submission to get the Companies Registry (CR) notification of incorporated company. Now, you get an email with e-documents (Business certificate and Incorporation certificate with the company number, we will get this email as well). This is the moment when you can start using your company. You get the company registration number and business certificate. We order for you the incorporation documents (NC1form (shares certificate), Memorandum and Articles of Association, Incorporation certificate)  in order to open the bank account. Once we receive the notification Companies Registry (CR), we send(email) you documents to be signed and dispatched to us. You might get the document next day if you chose expedited courier service (We don’t guarantee processing time by Company Registry(CR), Post service or DHL). But still I don’t think you will find anyone with better system in Hong Kong.

Your startupr.

What documents are needed for HSBC bank account – Hong Kong


How to chose the offshore bank

Once you open your company in Hong Kong, you will need to check what kind of documents to get in order to ope bank account with HSBC in Hong Kong.

Documents for bank account opening in HSBC Hong Kong:
– Business Registration Certificate
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
– NC1 form

HSBC (Hong Kong) business bank account opening:
Limited Company established in Hong Kong
Limited Company established Overseas

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