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Offshore Banking

How to chose the offshore bank

How to chose the offshore bank

As was said by our customer, a company without a bank account is not a company. That’s why we have established business relationships with a few banks in Europe and South America. The particular entity has been incorporated to receive a money and operate them.


Not all banks are suitable to all clients. Some offshore banks require substantial minimum account balances, ranging from $5000 to $100’000. Some banks are more suitable for actively trading and startup-business customers, while other banks cater to the specific needs of high-net-worth clients, with an array of wealth management, investment and private banking services.


what you are supposed to pay an attention to once you are about to open up a bank account:

  • Some banks request a personal meeting.
  • Where the bank is placed.
  • Your business activity – e.g. gaming needs special arrangement for bank account opening
  • Initial deposite – e.g. in Barclays Seychelles, it’s 100k USD.
  • What currency is avaible – the best deal is multicurrency bank account
  • Find the best company who will introduce you to the bank – the fastest way how to open up a bank account.
  • Banking Fees.

E.g. Open a company in BVI and open a bank account in Europe AS A SECURE LOCATION.

Open up a bank account in Hong Kong HSBC branch – Free of charge

How to chose the offshore bank

Have you opened up a new company in Hong Kong or somewhere else? Have you opened up a new company with Startupr or with another registered agent? Do you want to open up a business bank account in HK without travelling?


If the answer is “YES” for questions above.


This offer is limited for first three customers.


Please email us and we will advise you with the whole process.



Startupr introduces Loyal Bank

Startupr has agreed with Loyal Bank to serve our clients for banking services.

Loyal Bank, established in 1997, is an international and internet – based private bank located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The bank is the largest and longest established international private bank in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with customers in more than 120 countries around the world. The bank is managed on prudent and conservative lines and is audited by KPMG.
The bank offers Corporate and Private Bank Accounts with MasterCard Debit Cards or Cirrus/Maestro cards linked to USD and EUR currency accounts. The cards are PIN protected and can be used at all locations or ATMs where the MasterCard logo is displayed. Accounts are available in USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, JPY and CNY.


Clients of Loyal Bank can wire funds securely through the secure SWIFT Network to over 8,000 financial institutions worldwide and Loyal Bank accounts can only be access by PIN – protected secure on-line banking using the Digipass device. Via the Digipass, Loyal Bank customers can receive and initiate transfers, view account histories and single transactions as well as card transactions, on-line from anywhere in the world.


Based in Budapest, Hungary, the Loyal Bank Customer Service Team is multi-lingual and is available by email or telephone 24 hours a day including weekends. They can provide customer support in all major European, Latin American and Asian languages.
As well as Head Office in St. Vincent the bank also has a Representative Office in Budapest and customers or future customers are welcome to visit either location by appointment.

If you wish to open up a bank account wit Loyal Bank, please contact us: tomas[at]

thank you

Incorporate International Business Company (IBC) in British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Open up an offshore bank account in Dubai

The Business International Company in BVI is one of the most widely used entity for offshore operations. The company is set up as private company limited by shares. The International Business Company Act 1984 has been amended past a few years (1990, 2003, 2004 and 2007) which cause changes in the following rules once you decide to incorporate the IBC in BVI: – Only one director and one shareholder are required;
– Shareholders, directors and officers – no need to be resident in the BVI
– no minimum capital requirement
– no need for accounts
– AGM – Annual General Meeting doesn’t have to be kept in BVI
– no need for annual returns
– IBC can hold shares in other BVI company
– IBC is exempt from the taxes
– statutory incorporation fees are 350 USD for capita up to 50,000 USD and 1,100 thereafter.

Bank account in Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Once you decide to open up an International Business Company in BVI, Starupr has come up with the solution to open up a bank account in Barclays in UAE. Thanks to our relationship with local managers our customers have a choice to structure the bank account opening and a company incorporation. Barclays it’s just one of yours option to do so. Barclays is a global banking and financial services provider with company headquartered in London. It has branches in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, South and North America.

Online bank account opening platform

How to chose the offshore bank

Hi, our Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles offices are working to launch an online bank account opening platform which is going to cut down all the ridiculous prices for all of our customers and customers of our competitors. There will be a few services which will help you to apply for a bank account than a small introduction of the bank products and first of all the registration online form! This should help you to save your time! We can see how many emails are necessary in order to open up bank account. Don’t worry we will try to work on it and bring you solution and make it smooth for all of us!

How is going to work?


Startupr has a partnership with a few banks which handl the account opening differently. Most of our clients don’t really know which kind of documents need to be applied and informations fill in. This platform is going to provide the exchange information tool which is going to fasten the whole process!


We can’t wait any longer to launch it!


Your’s Startupr team.

Offshore Banking with CIM Bank based in Switzerland

Offshore Banking with CIM Bank based in Switzerland

Starupr is happy to announce you that we have started a cooperation with CIM Bank based in Switzerland, with headquarters in Geneva. CIM Bank has a multilingual team, speaking more than 18 languages. Bank’s services include:


  •     Account openings for onshore and offshore clients / companies
  •     Possibility to open accounts online, via a webcam
  •     Fast account opening (around 5-7 working days)
  •     Minimum initial deposit CHF 5’000 or equivalent for physical persons, and CHF 20’000 for companies
  •     Minimum  required balance to be remained on the account at all times CHF 1’000
  •     Credit cards and debit cards (including anonymous Travel Cash cards & Internet Cash cards)
  •     Online access & Mobile banking
  •     Financial consulting & Investment advise
  •     Savings accounts
  •     Trading online (Futures, CFD’s, Options, Shares, Bonds)
  •     White label with the Interactive Brokers platform & FXCM

In order to open a corporate account we will need the following documents by post:
·         Certificate of Incorporation
·         Certificate of Good Standing (If the company is older than 12 months)
·         Memorandum & Articles of Association
·         Nomination of Director
·         Director’s passport
·         Power of Attorney (from the director to the shareholder—applicable only if the director is not the same person as the shareholder)
·         Share Certificate
·         Share Nominee Agreement (if the shares are detained by someone other than the shareholder)

If you would like to open up a bank account with CIM Bank contact us: tomas[at]

Hong Kong – bank account opening

What documents are needed for HSBC bank account - Hong Kong

Past a few days, we have been receiving an emails in regards whether we are able to open up a bank account without yours present in  Hong Kong HSBC.
The answer is yes/no. Our clients were referring to the other incorporation porviders which claim that they can do it. According to HK law there is no way to avoid a duty of being present once opening the business bank account with any bank in Hong Kong.




Here is the statement from HSBC commercial center: “Please be advised that face to face meeting with the director(s) or ultimate beneficiary owner(s) of the applicant company is/are required for HK account opening”.


you can open up a business bank account without being in Hong Kong however you need to visit the nearest HSBC business center in order to sign and verify documents. For that purpose please contact us and we will discuss this possibility with HSBC relationship manager who will provide us with relevant information.


Yours Startupr!

Part II: Offshore Banking with HSBC – HK (Local Limited Company)

Part II: Offshore Banking with HSBC - HK (Local Limited Company)

Once you open up a company in Hong Kong, there is a mandatory requirement to have a local bank account however e.g. in Singapore its not mandatory (that’s why many companies have a entity in Singapore while opening bank account in HK(as an offshore banking – how to open up a bank account as a overseas limited company click here) . In some countries it’s important/mandatory to have a bank account in the country where you have opened office and the whole process might be difficult and time consuming however in HK its just a matter of a few documents which might be easily issued by Company Registered ( 14th floor, High Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway) as a certified true copies or you can print it in your office and certified it by a notary. Since you apply all required document, it will take five working days to get ready yours company bank account.

You need to submit following documents:

– Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
– Copy of Business Registration Certificate
– Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association ( M & A) and any amending resolutions, or comparable documents
– Company Limited by Shares – NC1 or Company Not Limited by Shares – NC1G


After an incorporation, we can assist you to open up a bank account.

Part I: Offshore Banking with HSBC – HK (Overseas Limited Company)

Part I: Offshore Banking with HSBC - HK (Overseas Limited Company)

If you think about to open up a bank account overseas e.g. in Hong Kong, you have a chance with HSBC even you don’t have a company registered in HK.


Whether the company has been incorporated overseas and not registered in HK you are obliged to provide following documents in order to open up
your offshore bank account according to HSBC requirements:

– Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and subsequent certificate of change of name, if any.
– Copy of Business Licence (or comparable document), if any.
– Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) and any amending resolutions, or comparable document.
– To finish HSBC Application on-line.
– All directors should provide identification information (Name, ID number and ID type).
– Initial deposit (HK $ 5,000, or US $ 1,000 or equivalent to another currency)
– You will ask to pay some handling charge – please refer to HSBC latest commercial tariff


All copies of all documents submitted should be true copies certified by a certified public accountant, lawyer, banker or public notary. If document
is not in English, translation should be provided.

For establishing HK Limited Company please visit